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6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

The Kidneys are one of the quietly vital organs in the human body. They play the important role of detoxifying the body, filtering and removing waste products, maintaining fluid balance and keeping us healthy. Most times, people forget about the kidneys.

However, any small issue with these organs can be life-threatening. We know that the kidneys are built to withstand stress and handle toxic materials in the body, but sometimes, we over stress them. Several things we ingest, down to the food we eat can cause damage to our kidneys. Here are 6 foods that are on that kidney-damaging list.

  1. Avocados

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

“How could a fruit that’s green on the outside and has a cream-colored fleshy inside cause damage to the kidneys?” you may think. Well, avocados contain a high level of potassium, and potassium in turn can affect the body’s electrolyte balance and pH levels. The kidneys work fine when there is a certain amount of potassium in the body and increasing that level will cause trouble. But don’t be alarmed, we don’t eat enough potassium filled food daily normally. So eating 1 or 2 avocados is nothing to worry about. Also watch your salt intake too.

  1. Caffeine

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Caffeine is that substance present in coffee, or coke or other energy drinks. Now caffeine itself is a mild diuretic and it slightly affects the ability of the kidney to take up water. Too much of it can put your kidneys under unnecessary stress and you don’t want that, believe me.

  1. Milk and Butter

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Basically, all dairy products may put you at a higher risk of kidney issues. See, these dairy products contain calcium, which is good for teeth and bones, but when too much can increase the level of calcium in urine. This can cause kidney stones to form.

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  1. Meat

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Meat as you know is mainly protein. Although protein is also very important for the body, a really high protein diet will affect your kidney adversely. Metabolizing protein is one of the toughest works for the kidneys and an un-metabolized protein build-up in the body can cause negative effects.

  • Nuts

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Nuts, as well as spinach, potato chips, French fries, beets contain a type of mineral called oxalates. This oxalates are the most common mineral found in kidney stones so yeah, they are bad. If you have had kidney issues before, you should stay away from nuts and if you haven’t, well, don’t eat nuts too much.

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  1. Artificial Sweeteners

6 Foods That Can Cause Kidney Damage

I’m sure by now you must have heard a lot of unsavory things about artificial sweeteners. Well, listen to those things. Artificial sweeteners are not exactly good for the body, including the kidney. So maybe stick to an “au natural” sweetening options now eh?

As it is with most other foods that can cause issues in the body, over indulgence is what starts all the problems. So just be moderate in your consumption of these 6 foods above and help your kidney keep you healthy.


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