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6 Cool Smartphones To Buy This Year

6 Cool Smartphones To Buy This Year

With the release of new mobile devices and very cool technological features, it becomes a problem when you don’t know what to buy because of the competition between big names in the market.

Here are 6 cool smartphones to buy this year:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Price Tag: $720)

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The Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone from Samsung and it comes with the latest tech features in software and hardware. It comes with the latest specifications in the market today, these includes; display, one of the best cameras you can get on a smartphone, a beautiful design, wireless charging, water resistance, and several other features that make the Galaxy S9 a great purchase..

iPhone X (Price Tag: $900)

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Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone X anymore, but it’s still very available in stores.The iPhone X runs on the 2017 A11 chip. Most iPhone X users don’t notice much of a difference in performance compared to the iPhone XS with the newer A12 chip. That’s perhaps thanks to iOS 12 and the extra optimization it comes with.

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LG V40 (Price Tag: $950)

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The LG V40 is not only a great smartphone, it has a very beautiful body work. It features high-end Android phone specs, and it comes with a triple-lens rear camera system that offers users the best versatility in taking photos and videos.

It also comes with great audio effects for sound enthusiasts that appreciate good sound, as it comes with a higher-quality amplifier inside that makes music sound better through wired headphones.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max iPhone XS (Price Tag: $1,000 iPhone XS Max Price: $1,100)

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These phones deliver the best of Apple design, performance, and features. They’re technically the best iPhone’s around and you can buy. Both phones come with the exact same features and specifications. The main difference between them is the screen and body size, and that’s up to you whether you prefer smaller or larger phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Price Tag: $1,000)

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The Galaxy Note 9 is the best Android smartphone that Samsung has released so far. It comes with a large 6.4 inch display that is a signature of Samsung’s technology. It comes with high-powered specs and is a great device for productivity and multitasking. You will come to appreciate the S Pen stylus for taking notes which can be shared among your devices.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Pixel 3 (Price Tag: $800 Pixel 3 XL Price Tag: $900)

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The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have the best smartphone cameras in the market and run Google’s own vision of Android, which is clean, well-designed, and receives Android updates the moment Google releases them.

The new Pixel 3 phones also come with dual-lens selfie cameras one of the lenses takes regular selfies, and the other takes ultra-wide angle selfies.

The only differences between the two phones is the screen size and front design the Pixel 3 has a more traditional smartphone design, while the Pixel 3 XL has a notched design.


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