6 Best Things You Should Know About Dating A Funny Guy

There’s nothing that can top dating a man with great humour. There will always be something about him that will make you giggle like a schoolgirl and laugh heartily.

Below are the 6 best things about dating a funny man.


  1. He gets along with everyone

You can worry less about him being with your friends, talking sports with your brother and charming your mother. This is because his funny nature makes him hits off all the time. He has the ability to win over the most important people in your life and he gets along with everyone.


  1. You will make friends wherever you go

A funny guy can charm anyone wherever he goes. When you meet strangers, he can easily find something in common that you people can chuckle about. And you will also find yourself being friends with these people.


  1. Your life will be stress-free

Whenever you’re in a bad mood and you feel very stressed, your lover will know how to turn that frown into a smile. He knows how to make you laugh till tears stream down your face. His sense of humour can turn sadness into happiness within the flick of a minute. Your life will be stress-free and smooth when you’re with him.


  1. He radiates confidence

It takes a lot of confidence for someone to start a conversation with strangers and crack a joke in the midst of a crowd.

You can even see confidence seeping through him with his confident smile.


  1. He knows when to be serious

He has good humour but he also knows when something is not funny. So he doesn’t make jokes when it is not the right time.

He sympathizes with you when you feel low and strives to make you happy.


  1. He is also sweet, kind and empathetic

Comedians develop their sense of humour only to hide some emotions behind the joke. It is an intimate and special feeling when you see that he is also very sweet, kind and empathetic.


A funny man is a lover you should treasure and enjoy!



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