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6 actions that show you as a meanie even if you are not one

Are you occassionally called a mean person? Here might be some reasons why.

6 actions that show you as a meanie even if you are not one

It is very possible to portray yourself as a lot of things even if you are not. I mean, you could crack a joke without being a comedian or do a good deed without being a good person right?  The same way your actions can portray you as a means person even if that is not who you are.

Just in case you have been called mean and you are not sure how they came to that conclusion, this post might be of valuable help to you.

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  • Giving Off Disinterested Vibes With Your Body Language: Your body language and the vibe it gives is an indicator. Especially if the said vibes are the unfriendly kind. You need to smile a bit more, uncross yor arms when you are in a gathering, staring at your phone all the time etc.
  • Being Super Blunt All The Time: Grade yourself, on a scale of 1-10 where do you think you fall on the bluntnes scale? If you are blunt and outspoken all of the time when with friends or family, don’t be surprised that you have been tagged meanie. Try to ccasionally edit what you say as this makes you kinder.
  • Letting Your Impatience Get The Best Of You: People who are not patient will most often than not come across as mean.  The impatience can be interpreted to mean anger which is not something fun and pleasing to and for anyone. The next time you feel the urge to be impatient, think twice.
  • Saying Anything You Want, Whenever You Want: You know those people who do not have filter in thier mouths and say whatever it is that they are thinking, it sometimes comes out as funny but it can also come off as mean if you are not careful.
  • Hiding The “Real” You: People want to get to know the real you and if you are in the habit of not opening up, friends and partners may start to view you as cold and standoffish. Letting your feelings out and being vulnerable might just be what people need to see to be conviced.
  • Not Taking The Time To Listen: Failing to hear and understand people for whatever reasons, may cause people to view you as kind of rude. Since we agree that the plan is not to be rude or mean, it will do you good to be less closed off, or a cranky. Try your best to change things a bit.


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