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6 Absolutely Valid Reasons Why Seeing a Movie at The Cinema is a Must

Let’s be honest cinema experience is one most of us craves at every given time. Fro the larger screen there, to the popcorn and soda down to the movie itself, it is one experience that should and can not be taken for granted. This, of course, is asides being able to make new friends at the cinemas or just rekindle old ones.

I am of the notion that cinema experience is what everyone needs once in a while. Yes, it is ok to stay at home and watch a movie, but absolutely nothing beats the experience of seeing a movie in the theatre.

Here are 5 really good reasons to go to the movies:

1. The screen is larger

Yes, TV production companies keep producing larger screen by the year but let’s say the truth, you could never get a screen that big in your home. Let’s even assume that you could, which wall in your home would accommodate it?

2. Volume is awesome at the cinema

Let’s not joke around now, there is a level your volume has t be to really enjoy a movie and this may not be achievable especially when you have kids or neighbors around. However, at the cinema,  the volume is cranked up nice and loud, just the way it is meant to be for everyone’s enjoyment.

3. The popcorn is way better here

Yup, we know you can easily get that buttery popcorn just perfect for coiling up on your couch, but trust me none of them tastes as good as the ones being sold at the cinema. Pure god melting in your mouth.

4. Meeting new people gives a new experience

We are aware that people can be annoying especially when they have to talk all through the movie, however, to be honest, these set of people are rare at the cinema and for the most part, sharing the movie-watching experience with others only adds to the fun.

5. Lobbies are underrated

I have come to understand that many people do not have an idea of just how cool lobbies at the cinemas are. In fact, most people arrive at the cinema a few seconds to when their movie is to start and totally miss out on the whole experience of being at the cinema in the first place.

To be honest, lobbies in cinemas are way cooler than many people are yet to understand. From all sorts of movie posters plastered on the wall, given you multiple choices of what to see next, down to banners and other colorful items hanging around, trust me, this welcoming experience is what everyone should crave for.


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