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5 Mistakes Men Make With Their Jewelry

Many guys wear jewelry but do it incorrectly. Read this post on how to do it the right way.

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Hey guys, have you heard things like ”Real Men do not wear jewelry?” This is a large bowl of hogwash. I do understand that many guys are not comfortable with wearing jewelry but saying it’s not for men is untrue.

There is a right and wrong way to do it, many guys wear jewelry but do it incorrectly. Men’s jewelry will complement the outfit when worn correctly.

Today’s post is discussing 5 mistakes that men make when wearing jewelry and the ways to fix them.

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  1. Not Wearing Jewelry With ConfidenceAs a man who likes to be called a man with style, it’s allowed to push your fashion boundaries a bit. Many guys don’t wear jewelry because they do not know how to be confident in it. That too is okay. All it takes is a bit of practice, but how?

    Go visit the nearest store and try stuff on. It’s what is known as window shopping. Doing this allows you to get used to how you look in the different pieces. Remember to keep it simple in the beginning and then you can graduate to more elaborate items.

  2. Not Paying Attention to Your EnvironmentFor you who does not mind rocking accessories, make sure that they are appropriate for the occasion or situation. The environment you will be in is part of what you should put into consideration when wearing jewelry. It’s important that you pay attention to the rules or the general conventions. For example, different jewelry pieces will be worn when heading to either school, work, place of worship, part or even a funeral. Knowing what not to wear to certain places is key.
  3. Over-AccessorizingI know you think this is not applicable to Men but that is a big lie. Men just like women tend to sometimes put too many pieces on themselves. Each accessory should compliment the entire look, Remember, less is more and too much of everything on you just makes you end up looking tacky. Nothing should overpower your clothes. Also, put in mind the type of outfit, you may be able to get away with certain types and amounts of jewelry with different looks.12066033_694283064042640_1126415898029836148_n
  4. Wearing Jewelry UnbalancedJewelry that is unbalanced is the first cousin to over-accessorizing as it draws too much attention to one side or part of your body. A great example for guys is necklaces. Many guys usually stack two or three necklaces on top of each other. This totally throws off the look because our eyes will be focused on the jewelry instead of the whole outfit. This is not the proper way to wear necklaces. Another way to throw off the balance of your look is by mixing the metals. If you are wearing a two-toned bracelet watch, highlight the dominant metal with your other accessories.
  5. Assuming That All Jewelry Is FeminineLet us conclude this once and for all and make it clear – Jewelry is not feminine.

    There are certain styles that may be considered less masculine than others but to say that all are for the females is simply not true. History has shown us that men wearing jewelry is the picture of masculinity and in some cases “badassery”. At the end of the day, it’s all about functionality, preference, and style. Wear it with confidence and that sentiment will translate to everyone else.


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