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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending Much

You really don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade that wardrobe of yours

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending Much

Partner, let me upgrade you
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Introduce you to some new things, and upgrade you
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Partner, let me upgrade you


Ladies, let me help you upgrade and show you how it can be done without breaking the bank. Are you ready?

Let’s roll…

  1. Clean out your closet.

    While you want to do this your closet upgrading, you’re going to look into past clothes you’ve barely worn, at least 3-6 months and you’ll also need to look at the ones you keep wearing week in, week out. Cleaning out your closet starts from there because you’ll probably never wear it again. Take out ALL  your clothes from your closet and then create different piles for clothes you want to give out to friends and then a pile you want to keep. When you return your chosen pile, get someone to help you with sorting that out(we both know some clothes are in your wardrobe out of sentiment) Now that we have the chosen pile divided into two, you can then hang the ones your friends have okayed for you to keep.

  2. Build a personal style wardrobe.

    Clothes that really express your personal style should be what is on your list this time around. Mixing and matching some pieces together for different looks. Take a moment to think of the outfits you feel most comfortable in. Your go-to kind of clothes. You should include a plain white or black tee, denim jeans, your favourite LBD, a simple button-down shirt, and comfy office trousers.

  3. Buy accessories.

    Buying accessories does not have to be expensive. Your wardrobe, no matter how simple it can easily be dressed up with a few glitters. Your basic white tee and jeans can be styled up with a long neck chain or a coloured scarf around your neck. Accessories can make or mar an outfit, so don’t be afraid to purchase small pieces for an impactful and trendy look.

  4. Shop within your limit

    It really is okay to shop at dicount stores or wait till a particular online store is doing sales. Just because it is going for a lesser price does not mean it is not of good quality or cannot be trendy. If you have specific pieces in mind—for example, boyfriend jeans and a body con skirt, check out online stores and how much they go for and then go to physical stores knowing it would be cheaper most of the time.

  5. Create a monthly budget.

    Know your spending habits by jotting down your daily expenses, including how much you spend on transportation, food, electricity and any other. It is completely necessary if you want to get an idea of where your money really goes. That way, you can check what you can and cannot afford to spend on clothes. 


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