5 Ways To Revive Your Dying Relationship This Valentine

We are in the season of love so let’s talk relationships.

Relationships are meant to cause joy, fulfillment, give companionship and provide that feeling of contentment to the people in it. But it is never easy. Many long term relationships become less exciting after a while and it begins to feel like the love or romance is dying. A lot of couples experience the romance in their relationships fizzle out and do nothing but get sad and heartbroken. However, you can do better this valentine season; you can bring back the spark!

As long as you both want to, you can make that relationship exciting again for you and your partner and save yourselves from experiencing any heartbreak. There are steps and measures you can take to revive your love life and put all the fireworks you experienced at the beginning back into your relationship. So grab a seat, relax and let us tell you how to revive your relationship with these few steps;

  1. Communicate more

Lack of communication is one major cause of break down in a relationship. Learn to talk to each other more. Note that I said TALK not argue. Open up to each other more, share honest opinions, find out where the problem is and talk about it. Listen to each other more too. Express yourselves in a mature way without trying to trade blame, rather accept each other mistakes and find ways to solve them. Talk about how you guys started, how you have been and where you want to go in the relationship.

Tell each other how much you want the relationship to work. You will be surprised at what better communication can reveal and how much it can help your relationship improve.

  1. Change your routine

Routine is not exciting. Routine is boring and boring is definitely not good for relationships. Don’t live a routine lifestyle in your relationship. Spice it up a little sometimes, be spontaneous. No one likes a bore, so how do you want him/her to continue loving big ol’ boring you with the same routine?!



Buy him/her gifts out of the blue. Go on special surprise dates just because its Tuesday night. Send flowers to her in the office with a card that simply says ‘I love you’ or ‘see you tonight’ or something. Plan luncheon dates, visit new places, take her sky diving (not if she is scared of heights though), I could go on and on. Just do something different, outside the norm every now and then. Create new memories together regularly.

  1. Spend some time apart

I know. How can I say you should spend some time apart when you are trying to revive the relationship? Well, spending some time alone as individuals is going to help your cause, trust me. Regardless of how much you love each other, you’d eventually get sick of each other if you are up in each other’s faces every other time.

Do some things independently. Get a breath of fresh air sometimes. Put some distance between you sometimes. Remember, absence they say makes the heart grow fonder.

  1. Less external influence

Many couples let the words of other people, friends, colleagues and even parents get in their heads and end up messing up their relationships. This has to stop. If you allow too much third party involvement in your fellowship, they’d eventually tear you apart.

The advice of friends and other people may be helpful sometimes, but not every time. Limit how much of your relationship you expose to external influence. It’s about you and your partner, leave it at that.

  1. Appreciate, compliment and respect.

Last but not the least, learn to appreciate, compliment and respect your partner more. Tell him/her ‘Thanks’ a lot more, appreciate your partner’s efforts more.

Compliment, compliment, and even more compliments! Hey..honest compliments though. But never stop complimenting your spouse. Compliment your partner when she/he dresses up for work, dresses for an event, for a church program and even in the middle of work out at the gym, just compliment. A simple ‘you look beautiful’ can go a long way in making her feel loved all through the day.

And respect your partner more. Respect your partner’s values, opinions and thoughts.

BONUS POINT: Revamp your SEX life!

But that’s another story 😉

Keep at the back of your mind that it won’t be easy but at the end you’d see that it was totally worth it. Implement these tips in your relationship and watch it bounce back to life and stronger than ever.


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