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5 Ways to Look Stylish But Feel Casual for Women

Want to know how to be casual and stylish? You should read this post then.

5 Ways to Look Stylish But Feel Casual for Women

Here are a few ways that you can look stylish but still feel comfortable and casual. You can be the best of both worlds. Class and comfort. Style and casual.

This post will show you exactly 5 ways on how to keep one foot firmly planted in style with the other in casual.

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  1. THE CUT OF THE CLOTHING: One of the most important pieces to the comfortable style puzzle is your clothing. You cannot feel comfortable and relaxed if you are wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothes. Know your body type and what fits your body best and then buy clothes accordingly.You also want to make sure that you are dressing to flatter your figure which is where the style part comes in. If you always want to look your best, knowing the right styles for your body is the first step.
  2. TYPES OF CLOTHING: Dresses provide way more ventilation and the right type of dress is infinitely more comfortable than pants or shorts. A dress or skirt is also an instant style upgrade and helps you look pulled together. It’s what is called an instant outfit. Make sure the kind of clothing you pick out whether dress, pants, shirts etc looks great, is cut for your body type, is comfortable, and matches your signature style.
  3. HAIR: Do you have a go-to easy hairstyle that you can twirl and pack in under five minutes and still look fabulous? If you don’t, it is seriously time to consider getting one. Get yourself a hairstyle that is easy to manage and is classy that you can wear anywhere with confidence oozing out of every one of your pores.
  4. MAKEUP: Learning a quick, everyday makeup routine is essential to a stylish but practical look. You really don’t need full makeup every day or have your face beat every other day unless it is absolutely important that you have that kind of look all week. Just make sure you have the essentials for your face and this will give you the confidence to tackle all tasks, and all unexpected guests or errands.
  5. NAILS: Having your nails “done” is one of the most important ways to keep your look always on point. This doesn’t mean you have to have to get it professionally done all the time, sometimes even just nicely filed, with a coat of clear or nude polish looks classy and poised. Here is an Amateur tip: Paint your nails right before you have to drive somewhere and just have someone buckle you in. This will allow your hands to stay on the steering wheel long enough for them to air dry and you have not wasted any of your time sitting around with your hands in the air.

Looking stylish does not mean spending hours each day getting ready. It doesn’t even mean being uncomfortable and it definitely does not mean that you are always thinking about being pretty and put-together. Looking stylish doesn’t mean extra work and feeling uncomfortable all day long. All looking stylish means is that you spend a little bit of time in preparation, and then go about your day and look great.


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