5 Ways To Know Your Girlfriend Is Stingy

Relationships are meant to be beneficial to the both parties involved. However, some men tend to find themselves in relationships where it’s a pure one way street when it comes to financial commitment. Personally, I did not used to care much about how much a girl used to give until something happened.

See, recently, my friend was almost in tears when he was telling me about what he is going through in his marriage. Apparently, since he got married, his wife has been nothing but a black hole financially, yet she has a job. I felt pity for the brother, but I feel he should have seen the telltale signs while they were dating. There are a few ways to know if your girlfriend is stingy and going to be a stingy wife eventually. Let me tell you 5 of those ways:

  1. She Gives You The Cheapest Gifts:

I had a girl who was so talented at locating the cheapest gifts in town for me. She would expect the best valentine gift but would give nothing more than body spray or boxers or shaving set (and I don’t have beards oh) , and she had money – before y’all will stark saying she was broke.

  1. She Expects You To Pay Every time:

You ask a girl to meet you at a 5 star restaurant and she walks in and tells you to go pay for her Uber. It’s not like she can’t afford it- no she expects you to pay for everything!

  1. She Is Always Broke:

Well, this one’s a classic. If you are dating a girls who is always broke, I mean everytime you ask her what’s wrong she says she’s broke. She can’t do anything herself because she’s broke, you give her money and 3 days later she’s broke again. Then my brother, the girl is stingy.

  1. She Insists She Can’t Spend on Guys:

Just for fun, start a conversation with her on girls spending on guys and listen closely. What she thinks will come out, and if she is one of those girls who believe they should never “spend on a guy”, then you should know what’s coming. Akagum!

  1. She Can Never Lend You Money:

A friend of mine used to do this and I didn’t understand why at first. He’d call his girlfriend and just randomly ask for some cash – that he knows she can handle, even when he didn’t need it. I didn’t understand till I tried it with my girlfriend back then; before I could get the words out, she said NO! Then ‘my eye open’.  Some ladies will even say that if they borrow a guy money, they’ll lose respect for him. If your lady is in that category, well, she could just be stingy.


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