5 Ways to Avoid Watching a Crappy Movie


Do you do your research before you download a movie or go to the cinema? Sometimes, asking friends and reading reviews do not necessarily tell if the movie will be crappy or not.

Watching a movie is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience but ending up with a crappy movie will make you wonder why you wasted your time instead of doing something else.

Movie producers release movie trailers that would make the movie seem genuine and captivating and include stellar reviews on the front cover.

How can you tell a crappy movie from a genuine one? Below are 5 ways to avoid watching a crappy movie.

  1. Read reviews carefully

If a well-known movie critic makes a statement like ‘Best Story of the Year’, then it makes it a safe try to watch the movie. When you see statements like ‘Great’ or ‘Outstanding’, you might need to take a closer study to know where they came from.

Never heard of the person or website? Then ignore it. If multiple quotes come from the same person or site, then it is a big warning sign!

  1. Do your homework

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the best avenues to determine the authenticity of a movie. A movie getting over 60% is worth your time and energy. If the movie gets below that, go through the top critics rating. It will probably be a good movie if they give it a much higher score.

  1. Don’t be afraid to walk away empty-handed

If the movies you’ve studied don’t look genuine and there’s nothing else to settle for, then do not be afraid to walk away empty-handed.  Re-watch one of your favourite movies at home. It’s worth more than settling for a less authentic one.

  1. Don’t trust the trailers

If a movie looks too good, then it’s likely that all the best parts of the movie have been condensed into some minutes. Do not settle for a movie because of its trailer!

  1. Ask your friends

You consider them your friends because you have lots in common right? If they like the movie, chances are that you will too!


Follow this guide so as to avoid watching a crappy movie. Who would want to watch a crappy movie for close to two hours and regret thereafter?


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