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5 Ways Pinterest can Help Define your Style

A great way to define your style is by having ideas. Read this post to learn how Pinterest can help you.

5 Ways Pinterest can Help Define your Style

If you are a Gen Z and you have never heard of Pinterest or have no idea what the app is for or what it even does, I am here to officially excommunicate you from this Generation. You cannot be with us. In fact, we do not want you.

The only way you can redeem yourself is if you immediately google it and download the app.

Anyway, this post is to explain to you how this app can help you

Pinterest can be used for a variety of things from saving recipes and DIY projects to creating a vision for your home redesign or planning your wedding and you can definitely use it to help define and refine your style.

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Without beating around the bush, here are 5 ways to use Pinterest to define your style.

  1. Build a Color Story: The great thing about Pinterest is it’s super easy to save a lot of images that do not reflect in the gallery of your phone thereby saving you a ton of space. This app is very helpful when you want to create a colour palette for your wardrobe as you get to see how individual shades work together as a whole.
  2. Study Style Techniques: As a person of style, you know it’s not just about what you wear, but HOW you wear it. The details of an outfit are what gives it an individual character. Great styling is learned through practice and keen observation which is exactly what creating a style techniques board can help you with.
  3. Visualizing your Overall Style: Another way Pinterest can be used to help define your style is to create a master style board. It should include the most important qualities that define your style from colours, shapes, overall themes, moods, and feelings. This board will grow as you continue defining and refining your style.
  4. Build an Outfit Catalogue: An outfit catalogue is essentially a certain combination of pieces such as ‘sweater + skinny jeans + flats’. To expand your collection focus on formulas you already wear, want to try, and different ways to wear your items. This board can be super helpful when you’re stuck and in need of some quick inspiration.
  5. Create your Dream Wardrobe: It is allowed to create a dream wardrobe board for a sense of style you’d have “in another life” or if you somehow find yourself richer in this life. This is where you can pin outfits, items, and elements you love but wouldn’t necessarily wear right now just because you are broke. You don’t have to be realistic here, just have fun and listen to you.

Doing this will give you edge over others….have any other suggestions? Let’s read from you in the comment box below. Thanks


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