5 Warning Signs Your Partner’s Jealousy is Completely Out of Control

Have you ever asked yourself if your partner’s jealousy is reasonable? Rational or irrational? Right or wrong?

To avoid being single once again, there are some signs of jealousy that you have to look out for. They are when:-


  1. He always wants to know what you’re doing

Does he call you every minute of the day to check up on you? Does he always ask where you are going and who you’re talking to? These are signs that his jealousy is out of control.


  1. He gets mad when you want alone time

Does he get furious when you take the time to spend on your own? Does he get upset when you want to go out with your friends or go out alone? This shows that he is a very jealous lover.


  1. He doesn’t want you talking to other men

Does he flare up and complain when you talk to other men? Does he accuse you of being interested in someone else? Does he refuse to understand that you’re just being social when you’re spending time with other people? These are signs that his jealousy is out of control.


  1. He expects you to be on his schedule

Do you feel like your life have been tied down and you don’t have the freedom to be yourself again? Does he always inquire about when you’re going home and then get furious because you get home later than expected? It shows that he is very jealous.


  1. He doesn’t respect your privacy

Does he go through your personal things- phone messages, diary, emails, WhatsApp messages- in a bid to discover what you’re up to, who you talk to, where you’re going because he doesn’t have a single trust in you? This depicts his level of jealousy.

If you think your partner is very jealous, you need to have a discussion with him and reassure him that he has nothing to worry about.

If he still persists to control your life and try to control you completely, then it’s time to reach out and talk to a counselor.


These are warning signs that your partner’s jealousy is completely out of control! Have you noticed any of these? Start working towards gaining your freedom and controlling your life.


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