5 Valentine Spots for All Lovers in Lagos

I visited an old friend last week at Lekki. This friend of mine is one of the unromantic people I’ve ever seen, in fact, if there is an award for the unromantic person in the world, he will surely win it all the time. Well, upon visiting him, he was so engrossed in his tablet and wasn’t responding like the way he used to. I was curious and asked him what he was up to that’s when he told me he had been surfing the net for romantic places in Lagos he could take his girlfriend and he wasn’t getting any better result.

After I got home the next day, I took it upon myself to do some research and enquires and I was astonished to find out that Lagos has a whole lot of romantic places but many aren’t aware of this. Valentine day is in the offing, and If you reside in Lagos you probably would want to spend that day in a place then you can taste and breath romance. From the research and visits I made, I present to you 5 Valentine spots for all lovers in Lagos.

Ember Creek

This place is located in Ikoyi and it unarguably the best romantic spot in Lagos. When it comes to serenity, luxury, and coziness, this place is second to known. It is a place where you and your sweetheart can wonderful para monic view while sipping fresh coconut water.

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You and your sweet can talk a walk on its beautiful coastal shore and share a romantic kiss just like those romantic Hollywood movies.

Xovar Lounge
If you want your lover to give you a 10/10 in your romantic score sheet, Xovar lounge is the place to take her. The first time I went there,

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I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. This place is so enchanting and mesmerizing. Xovar Lounge is suited in lekki and I often call it the “Fire Lounge” because it can melt the heart of any lady.

Wouldn’t it beautiful for you and your partner hold hands and single Ed Sheeran “perfect”? Adding karaoke to your activities on Valentine’s day can do it a lot of magic that’s why Bheerhugz made it possible for you and your sweetheart to do so.

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Bheerhugz is located in Ikeji City Mall and it a wide range of delicious meal for you and your lover to enjoy.

 Villa Medici:
You and your lover can dive into the world of romance by visiting this Italian restaurant. Villa Medici has mouth-watering dishes and the finest of champagnes to wash it down.

You can find this place in Jose Road, Victoria Island.

Lekki Leisure Lake:
Lekki Leisure Lake is the ideal romantic destination for lovers of any age in Lagos. It as an amazing view of the ocean and a 5-star hotel to give you and your special someone a comfortable and exotic treatment. Lagos is not only a place for business, there are beautiful romantic spots too.

Getting him/ her only a gift won’t be enough, take them to any of the above-listed places for a romantic experience they will never forget.



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