5 TV Series That Gained Just As Much Followership as Game of Thrones

We get enough uninteresting TV series consistently. From time to time, however, a show like Game of Thrones arrives on our screens and ensnares us.
It’s grasping, violent, and excellent. From dim prisons to cold mountains, the landscape scenes are dazzling, each with another story to tell. With its solid story and stunning visuals, there is no big surprise that it has broken a wide range of records. The acting may appear somewhat wooden now and again; however this is to give it the medieval look and feel which the show needs.
Regardless of whether you’re watching Game of Thrones for the first time or not, getting up to speed with Game of Thrones frequently finishes with one central issue: Are there other TV drama like Game of Thrones?
Of course, there are and here are 5 TV series that is similar to Game of Thrones


If you adore Game of Thrones for its brutality and striking visuals, you’ll certainly be stricken with Vikings. The show is an history of Ragnar Lothbrok, who was a ninth century Viking chieftain and legend of numerous Old Norse adventures. As the show debuts, he goes on a mission to attack the shores of England – a preliminary he trusts Odin (The Viking god) needs him to embrace.
The incredible thing about Vikings is that it doesn’t attempt to socialize or diminish the principle characters. It’s shocking and savage, but at the same time, just like GoT, its central theme is power.

American gods

American Gods fixates on an alternate type of war – between the Old Gods and the New. The show pursues Shadow Moon, a previous convict who gets discharged from jail and meets an exceptionally bizarre man, Mr. Wednesday. He finds a new line of work as Mr. Wednesday’s right hand/guardian and ends up involved in an epic clash he never could have envisioned, as antiquated gods who have been stranded in the US for a considerable length of time will come no holds barred with new gods.
American Gods is the best sort of epic – peculiar, clever and awesome that fits well for an alternative to Game of Thrones.

The Borgias

This show focuses on the Borgia family. Set toward the end of the fifteenth century, The Borgias pursues Don Borgia as he conspires his way to the papacy to wind up Pope Alexander VI, while his relatives additionally battle to keep up their grasp on power.
With an incredible cast and great script writing, the show highlights the shameful dirty tricks of a family that fundamentally paid off its way into the Vatican. It’s chilling and very addictive, consistently serving liberal portions of homicide and disorder. Watchers who love unending twists in shows like GoT will be looking out for this.


Spartacus talks about a warrior who is enslaved by Romans. In combatant school, Spartacus fights to endure and recover his opportunity. The show includes a lot of savagery and degeneracy, fabulous battle scenes and a convincing legend worth cheering for.
While season one takes as much time as necessary to stun watchers regardless of strong acting and enough shocking carnage, other seasons compensate for it, getting serious about the activity and keeping watchers on the edge of their seats. Spartacus and Game of Thrones match each other on violence and savagery.


This dazzling drama is centered on genuine historical figures. The primary activity revolves around two warriors, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who discover their lives interweaved with key historical occasions. The activity starts in 52 BC, when Julius Caesar at last vanquishes Gaul, yet the Senate tries to undermine his capacity. Rome is an interesting story of politics and savagery jsut as Game of Thrones.
With just two seasons, the show covered a lot wonderfully well. The show is dubbed as the Game of Thrones before the Game of Thrones by many.


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