5 Trending Apps You May Have NEVER heard About

Every day, new social media sites spring up. Not all get to be accepted and used by all, but a lot of them still make it among the youthful circle.

As a result of the amount of new social media sites and the sheer magnitude of social media users in the world right now, there are some apps that you may have never come across. I checked around and found a few, some are even trending sef. So without wasting much time, here are 7 trending social media apps you may have never heard about:

  1. TikTok

This is a video sharing platform which allows users to share videos of themselves lip syncing to songs or performing their own original content. The users can have private profiles where only approved followers can see their posts or public accounts where everyone can see their posts.

  1. KiK Messenger

This is an instant messaging app finding wide acceptance among the teenagers in the world. Users are allowed to chat with anyone anyhow they like as long as you have the person’s Kik username.

  1. Houseparty

The concept of this app is like a normal house party. Users have the opportunity to socialize and communicate with each other through live video chats.

  1. is a live video streaming platform. People on are allowed to broadcast live videos of themselves whenever they want and also watch the live video broadcasts of other users. Users can also get virtual money from their broadcast viewers.

  1. Whisper

Whisper app allows users share thoughts and ‘confessions’ about themselves anonymously alongside an accompanying picture. Believe me, you can find all things, from exciting to the most disturbing things shared on this app.

So if you are getting bored of your conventional every day social media apps, try to check out some of these. Maybe you’d find something that will interest you.



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