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5 Tips on How To Be Productive While Traveling

Wondering how to travel and still be productive? Here are a few tips.

5 Tips on How To Be Productive While Traveling

If you’re in any profession that requires you to work and travel, you will know that one of the hardest things about traveling is having the skill to stay productive while you’re still on the road.

It’s really tricky to balance getting things done, staying on deadline, enjoying yourself and having a good time. There is a good formula that works and some of the best tips and tricks are down below so that you can also learn how to focus and stay productive while traveling.

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  1.  HAVE A SPECIFIC DAILY SCHEDULE O AND DO THE THINGS YOU HATE MOST, FIRST: Create a special routine that incorporates all of the great, creative things you need to get done every day. Put together a schedule that will help you track everything you need to get done. It is advisable to start with the stuff you abhor, when you get them out of the way, it’ll be easier to get the rest of your day into a specific flow. If you have a daily routine already set in place, this will help you organize your time for the next step.
  2. PLAN AHEAD AND PRIORITIZE: If you know you know what your travel calendar or schedule looks like, plan ahead and prioritize. Get major projects done before you leave so that you can focus on tying loose ends while on the road instead of creating a project from scratch. There’s no need to create more stress during travel if you can just plan ahead and prioritize effectively.
  3. USE THE TIME ON YOUR FLIGHT WISELY: Use the downtime on your flight to your advantage. You can get to those follow-up emails you’ve been needing to write; you can write a series of blog posts, edit pictures, plan out your weekly schedule, listen to that seminar recording or catch up on the TED Talk you’ve been putting off for a while. Sleeping is good and a half hour power snooze will go a long way. After that, get up and get things done.
  4. BEAT JET LAG AND HIT THE GROUND RUNNING: Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder due to traveling across multiple time zones and it is a real thing that can affect even the most avid of travelers. There is really no cure or treatment for Jet lag but It’s really all about planning ahead, getting proper rest, eating a well-balanced diet, staying super-hydrated, and then hitting the ground running once you land.
  5. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: The most important thing here is that you make sure to take some time out for yourself. It’s great to be productive and submit that proposal before its deadline but you should always set aside time to enjoy yourself, relax, and explore the place you’re traveling to. It will give your brain some time to cool off while you enjoy the little things that make life worth it.

We’ll leave you with this quote.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

-Ferris Bueller


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