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5 Times Genevieve Nnaji Had Everyone Shook

5 Times Geneveive Nnaji Had Everyone Shook

Genevieve is undeniably one of Nigeria’s most successful actresses. She has performed amazing feats in the course of her career and is currently known internationally.

With all her accomplishments, she is not one to show off her lifestyle on social media. This is why people pay attention to her when she accomplishes something new.

Here are 5 notable times Genevieve left everyone amazed:

When She Released Lion Heart

Lion Heart is one of the most successful and highest-grossing Nigerian movies of all time. It also made history by being the first movie to be acquired by Netflix for a whopping sum of N1,385,100,000($3.8 million). Speaking about the movie, she said “Lionheart stemmed from my desire and hunger to shed light and to speak the truth of what it’s like to be a young [woman] trying to make it in a world that is dominated by men. That being said, it was equally important to me that the movie was light-hearted and warm, so the environment in which it was told was crucial as well.”

Lion Heart was well received by many Nigerians and the actress was lauded by many for her accomplishments.

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When She Became The First Nigerian Actress To Be Profiled On The Oprah Winfrey Show

In 2009, Genevieve got an invite to the Oprah Winfrey show in an episode of ‘Meet the Most Famous People in the World.’ Genevieve who was chosen due to the appeal she had in the Nigerian movie industry, was dubbed the ”Julia Roberts of Africa” during the show. Of course, Nigerians couldn’t contain their excitement once again as they praised the actress for the worldwide recognition she was getting.

When She Danced To Science Student

In 2018, Genevieve got to show the world that she has some badass dance moves when she posted a video of herself dancing to Olamide’s Science Student. The video showed the actress exhibiting her smooth Shaku Shaku while being hyped by her friends. Within a short time of her posting the video, it had garnered several views and became the trending topic for a long time. Genevieve is not one to showcase her lifestyle on the gram so when she posts a video of this kind, people are bound to pay attention.

When She Posted A Bikini Photo of Herself

She recently sent social media abuzz when she posted a photo of herself looking hot in a stunning bikini. Of course, many had a lot to say as they took to social media to comment on how beautiful she looked.

When She Became The First Nigerian Actress To Be The Face Of Lux

In the early 2000s, the Unilever global brand, Lux beauty soap, were in search of a Nollywood actress to be their model and they eventually picked Genevieve. The actress appeared in several Lux commercials and had her face on the Lux soap wraps and billboards. This was a major comeback for her as she seemed to have been absent from the industry for a while.


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