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5 Things Your Dry Lips are Desperately Trying To Tell You

Your lips are screaming. Can you hear them?

5 Things Your Dry Lips are Desperately Trying To Tell You

It is possible to have a cute outfit and a pen makeup look on, but having your lips dry and chapped hiding even by hiding it underneath your lipstick can be enough to make you feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable.

If you’re wondering about the possible causes or reasons why they are chapped, here are some of them:

1. You’re dehydrated.

Chapped lips are a symptom of this medical emergency. Since they do not have oil glands in them, they’re more likely to dry out faster than the rest of your skin if your body lacks water. Hydrate with the daily recommended eight glasses a day, plus a few more when it gets extra hot outside.

2. You have a yeast infection.

This is specifically when you have cracks on the corners of your mouth. It MAY be a sign of yeast infection which is not the same as a vaginal yeast infection When you lick your lips too much or drool when you sleep, saliva creates a warm, moist environment that’s conducive to fungal growth, it is possible that yeast can develop there. Instead of licking too often, break the habit with putting some balm on your lip.

3. Your lips are sunburnt.

It is important to be wary of the sun and how it can damage your lips. Without protecting them from the harmful UV rays with balms, you can end up with chapped, patchy, lips especially in this season. lips

4. You’re consuming too much vitamin A.

Dry lips are one of the symptoms of having too much vitamin A. This vitamin is found in carrots, milk, eggs, vegetables, and some fruits, and you should not feel the need to increase your dose when you eat those foods except it is recommended by your doctor or someone in charged of your health.

5. You lack vitamin B.

I know, I know. Stop rolling your eyes at me. Having a vitamin B deficiency can cause you to have cracked and swollen lips, which may also end up as a split. Vitamin B-complex helps stimulate metabolism, fight diseases, and it contributes to getting healthy skin, so load up on eggs, red meat, and nuts, or a take a vitamin B2 supplement (with permission from your doctor of course) to help keep your lips looking healthy.

Balms are a great way to get cracked, rough lips to condition your lips, leaving them soft and smooth.


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