5 Things You Do Not Find Nigerians Doing

Nigerians are a unique people. I simply cannot get tired of observing the things we do and the way we do these things.  Our great country is a wonderful place to live, not just because technically we are the biggest Nation out of Africa (and I’m not talking population here), but also due to the fact that we live in ways that are purely unique.

As the giants of Africa, there are some things that you’d think we do in the country but don’t be so sure, we have our own living skills. So after my latest round of observations, I compiled a list of the top 5 things you do not find Nigerians doing. Take a look:

  1. Going on Road Trips

You know all those road trips people go on? The ones where you put your family or friends in a car and choose a destination outside your state to explore by road, stopping at land marks or occasionally to enjoy the landscape? Well, we do not indulge in such here. When there is work to do? There is more money to be made? Who even get that kind time and money to waste sef? Except for a few people (mostly travel bloggers and agents), Nigerians do not fancy road trips.

  1. Staying Indoors Fully Dressed

My aunt came down for Christmas festivities from the U.K last December. On her first full day back, she emerged from her room fully dressed down t the boots. Knowing she had no plans to go out, we were just looking at her like she was a unicorn in our sitting room. She hadn’t gotten the memo that we chill with our wrappers and bare essentials when at home in Naija.

  1. Depend On Emergency Services

See, except it’s a major accident on a highway, armed robbery or a plane crash, there’s nothing like “call 911” as the first response to an issue in Nigeria. Instead, we handle issues ourselves and then inform the authorities – if need be. Domestic issues can be sorted by the family elders, as for medical issues, just use the nearest car to rush the person to the nearest hospital security issues, there nothing the local vigilantes cannot handle, and so on.

  1. Welcome New Neighbors With Food

This just doesn’t happen in the country. When you meet a new neighbor for the first time, you don’t just collect food from them. Why? Security reasons oh.

  1. Becoming Serial Killers

As big as this nation is, with its the security issues, the occurrence of serial killings by Nigerians in Nigeria is relatively low. People don’t just get up and start searching for people to kill here. We have too many other things to be concerned about.

Do you know of any other thing Nigerians do not do?


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