5 Things to Know Before Travelling To Europe

Are you planning a trip to Europe for the first time? Then you are most likely getting things together to make your trip the best one. Well, the truth is, no matter how much you prepare, you can be prepared enough.

However, in the spirit of preparation, and to get you even more prepared for the trip, here are 7 things you should know before travelling to Europe.

  • Most Cars In Europe are right-hand drive


Contrary to what we have here in Nigeria, most countries in Europe use a right-hand drive format. Secondly, their cars are usually in manual drive, so know what to expect.

  • The exchange rate can finish you


The dollar is weak against the euro and pound found in European countries. Now just imagine how the naira will be. So before you travel, make sure you have enough cash to cover the expenses, literally.

  • Europeans take their Voltage Requirements Serious


This is a fact. Unlike Nigeria where we do not mind what voltage we receive or use, different European countries have different voltage requirements. So keep in mind that you’d have to check the country’s voltage when you buy your gadgets there.

  • People move by Trains In Europe


Trains are usually the most popular means of transportation in different European countries. It is quite affordable, faster and more accessible than other means of transport.

  • Don’t just depend on debit cards


Although doing cashless transactions is now global, it is very important to always have some cash on you while in Europe. It can come in handy when you don’t expect it, especially when you want to buy those amazing road-side souvenirs.

  • Remember to Tip


In Europe, they take their tipping seriously. Always remember to tip the waiters, bellboys, potters, etc. You do not know when your tip can help you get useful information. But then, try not to over tip too.

  • Check Out House sharing services


House sharing for foreigners is a common thing in Europe. In case you want to experience the full feeling of being in Europe, try living at one of the airbnbs they have to offer, rather than a hotel. It could save you some cash and help you get a full experience.



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