5 Things Nigerians Love Doing

No matter the situation of the country, Nigerians absolutely love being Nigerian. An average Naija man will not agree to change his nationality to any other country in the continent. This is due to the face that there are some things that come with being Nigerian you wouldn’t want to be without. Even those outside the country come back sometimes just to get that Nigerian feeling back, to do those things that we love as a people.

So what are these things Nigerians love doing? Here is a list of my top 5 things Nigerians Love Doing:

  1. Partying

Nigerians love their parties. Whether in the North or South, East or West; when Nigerians party, they party well. Our weekends are always jammed with parties to attend (especially in the western part of the country) from wedding ceremonies, to birthdays, house warming to naming ceremonies, graduation parties to anniversaries and even ‘freedom’ parties.

  1. Setting/Following Fashion Trends

Nigerians love setting their own indigenous fashion trends. And when it comes to western fashion trends, we do not slack either. Nigerians quickly grab on to trending fashion and find ways to make it their own.


  1. Watching Football

Nigeria is a football nation, no arguments. We love the game of football; from the National teams to the local league and all the way to the European leagues, we watch everything. You often find people in the country adorning football jerseys, discussing about football (even arguing sef). The football fever has spread to the female folk as many just have to suck it up and watch because when its game time, nothing shakes the concentration of a true Nigerian.


  1. Buying Gadgets

Money no dey! Money no dey! But new iPhone come out, you buy am!

The above statement is just to emphasize how much we love our gadgets as a nation. Nigerians are always one of the first set of people to purchase new gadgets when they are launched. From game consoles to iPhones, cars to android devises, we love having the latest gadgets.

  1. Making Money

I have never seen a Naija guy or girl that doesn’t like making good money. Nigerians are a very versatile and smart set of people, and they exhibit this in their money making skills. From the clothes and spare part markets in the east, to the farmers in the north, from the entrepreneurs in the west to the hustlers, and go getters in the south, Nigerians are always sourcing new ways to make money. And we are good at it too.

Do you know any other thing that Nigerians absolutely love doing? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section.



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