5 Things in Your Relationship You Probably Think are Toxic

There are some things you and your partner and you and others might see as being toxic and unhealthy. Have you heard statements like, “That’s not right in a relationship,” or “That is very unhealthy”?

What are the things you probably think are toxic but are really not? Read them below:

Being attracted to someone else

It is very normal to become attracted to someone else besides your partner. Becoming furious that your partner is attracted to someone else is pointless because you also feel that way sometimes.


 Not texting for a whole day

Who says it’s compulsory that you text each other 24/7? Sometimes, you need the space to talk about something later.


 Letting go of conflicts

You’re fed up with the baseless arguments because you both know that it is leading nowhere. Then you decide to let it go. It is very normal when this happens.

Accepting their flaws and changing them

We know that it is difficult to change our partner, so we accept their flaws and imperfections. It is not toxic when we accept our significant other’s flaws and strive to change them.


Spending time apart


Being together at all times can be suffocating. It is normal to yearn for some space to miss each other.


Hurting them a little

This might seem toxic but it is better to become blunt and hurt them now than waiting to do so in future. You should always be honest with your partner.


Try and avoid all the myths you hear about relationships and how they are supposed to be. Work on your relationship and make sure that it is a healthy and happy one!


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