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5 Things a Man Should Never Do in a Relationship

Never do these things in your relationships

Do You Agree With This Marriage Advice By Gideon Okeke

Being a relationship a huge responsibility that takes a lot of commitment and time. Knowing what to do and when to do them, how to treat your partner takes maturity and understanding. It is important not to bring into your relationship bad habits and negative attitudes that will jeopardize it.

Here are 5 things a man should never do in a relationship:

Cheating on Her

5 Things a Man Should Never Do in a Relationship

Cheating on your significant other is a big NO and should be avoided at all cost. When you cheat on your partner, you expose them to emotional, physical and even mental strain. Bring up any concerns you have with them and look for a creative, mature and mutual solution to your problems rather than being unfaithful. This communicates very negative things to your partner and it would be better to breakup with them than to cheat on them.

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Lying and Hiding Truths

Relationships that last very long are built upon the foundations of trust and honesty. This cannot be overemphasized. Lying is therefore discouraged at any degree. A man who continues lying to his spouse or partner in a relationship isn’t only removing the foundation of that relationship, he is also setting himself up for damage in future relationships. Lying is terrible habit that shouldn’t be nurtured in any relationship and should be replaced with complete honesty and trust.

Ignoring Her Feelings

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Women are emotional creatures that need to be paid a sufficient amount of attention and time. This include listening to her, paying attention to her emotional and physical needs, this shows you are committed to her and her alone. When you begin to ignore the feelings of a lady, she becomes easily irritable and uncomfortable around people. This also causes her to be easily jealous and suspicious of your relationships with other people, ladies especially.

Looking Down on Her Dreams

Because of the natural need for a man to show his dominance over a lady, he will tend to look down on her person. This is not encouraged in any form of relationship you have with a person, whether romantic or plutonic. Being able to connect with a significant other also means accepting the person, their point or views and their dreams. Instead of looking down on them, which can cause low self-esteem, embrace their dreams and goals.

Break Promises

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Breaking promises is a bad idea in a relationship. The general rule is to only make promises you are sure to keep even at the last minute. This not only secures your relationship with the person, it creates a sense of security and assurance that you are a reliable fellow and a man of his word.


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