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5 Terrible Things That Can Happen When You Travel

Traveling can turn from fun to nightmare if certain things go wrong. Here’s 5 of them!

Pack your bags and travel. That is a good way to ease stress and escape any present problems that might have been put together by your village occupants and it can quickly turn into your greatest nightmare if certain things go wrong.

Here are 5 things that can go wrong and possible ways to avoid them

  1. Forgetting to pay your bills. You’ll think this is not important until you are in another country soaking in the sun and they send you message on WhatsApp informing you about certain bills you should have offset before boarding the airplane…Good thing is there is online banking now.
  2. Getting Sick. Sometimes, the food or the weather can cause you to fall ill unexpectedly.This can put a damper on your trip. Listen to your body, take the corresponding medication, and take it easy. If you don’t have any medicine with you, find the nearest pharmacy. The moment you feel worse, head to the hospital immediately…If you are on any form of medication, do not forget to take it along with you.

  1. Losing valuables. Just because you are in another country that seems to be better equipped in Security than our country is not a reason to let your guards down. People can tell easily that you are tourist(with the 1 million pictures you have taken at the bus terminal) which makes you an easy target for pickpockets and scammers…It will do you a lot of good to shine your eye and look your back well well.
  2. Entry denied. This one can pain o. After all the money spent, they now inform you that you’ll not be able to enter because of one thing or the other. Chai. Just jejeli ask when the next flight back to your country is…Confirm the country you are traveling to and its requirements for entry before anything else. If its a No Visa Required country, check what other things are needed on their official website.
  3. Forgot your passport. Let us just agree that your village people are the ones responsible if this happens. The sooner we agree, the quickly we can move on because it cannot be ordinary eye that you’ll forget the most important document needed. But just in case it happens, your options are limited o…Try not to forget please. Set a reminder every 5 minutes before you leave your house asking you of the whereabouts of your passport.

Okay, there you have it, 5 very terrible things that can happen when you travel or want to travel. And Number 5 is the most terrible to be very honest.


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