5 Strange Indian Dishes Made From The Most Unbelievable Ingredeints

The Indian cuisine is known for rich flavors, mouth-watering and eye-watering spices, delightful sweetness and fine aromas

Indian food is a beautiful blend of the culture and ethnic diversity all over the country. The Indian cuisine is known for rich flavors, mouth-watering and eye-watering spices, delightful sweetness and fine aromas. The country is rich in people and culture, with huge impact on their cuisine choice. Among all their lovely meals, are interestingly strange food options too, that are just out of the ordinary.


Check this out. Red ants, their eggs and spices; how does that sound to you? It does sound abnormal right? Imagine stuffing ants in your mouth, alongside ant eggs. The thought of it only can make someone puke. It is an important consumable among the people of Chhatisgarh; as they even make oaths and swear by the pungent and spicy chutney of the red ants. Also Indians use red ants for garnishing.

Doh Khlieh:

Another interesting Indian meal is the Doh Khlieh from Meghalaya. It is almost an exact replica of pork and onion salad, with the only difference being the bizarre addition of an unusual garnishing. Wanna take a guess? Let me spare you the trouble. The Doh Khilieh is garnished with steamed pig brain. it does looks like something one should try it out. But who eats pig brain.

Frog legs:

This interesting piece of delicacy is part of the Goan and Sikkim cuisines . Made of battered and fried frog legs which are believed to be of great medicinal value by the Lepchas people in Sikkim. It is known to have cured dysentery and stomach related ailments. It is completely safe, and nice.

Eri Polu:

Eric Pol is another dish on the list. It is prepared with Silkworm (yes, silkworm) in Assam and considered as an exotic food of Assam state and has spread to other states as well. This colorful meal is a popular food ingredient in the state and is said to melt in the mouth.

Baby Shark Curry:

The Baby star curry is a star dish of the Goan cuisine, which is prepared using various sauces. Goa is known for seafood menu but Baby Sharks are very small and difficult to catch from the deep waters, and this makes it a bit pricey.

Next time you visit India, you may want to try out these meals; who knows? You might love them!


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