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5 Simple Mistakes Smart People Make

Everyone makes mistakes. This is a known fact of life. As humans, we are prone to committing one error or the other. Even the smartest people on earth are not above mistakes. In fact, the most successful people in history have made the most mistakes. According to Albert Einstein

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

However, in the society we live in nowadays, committing mistakes are almost seen as grievous as committing a crime. But really, there some simple mistakes that should be easily forgiven with lessons learned instead. And if you think that you are so smart and can avoid making mistakes, here are 5 simple mistakes smart people make.

  1. Go After Money

This is one mistake a lot of smart people make. They chase money. If you look closely, most book worms back in college go after the jobs that offer them the highest amount of money and not necessarily the best professional chances of growth. I know making money is important, but it should not become your ultimate goal in life. Because when you make it finally, what next?

  1. Skipping Sleep

Most smart people, you see, skip a lot of sleep time. They are always working on something new, something exciting or reading up on one thing or the other. Before you know it, it’s 4 a.m and they can’t get any reasonable sleep anymore. Most times, they forget that the body actually needs the sleep/rest.

  1. Being To Attached To Their Gadgets

Over the past decade, we have seen the rise of technology and smartphones in the world. Now, everybody has a smart phone or laptop or macbook or something. Especially the smart people in the world. They are always attached to their gadgets and this is a bad mistake. I say it’s a mistake because several researches have been done to show that poor mental health and symptoms like anxiety and depression can be caused by being over connected.

  1. Not Working Out Enough

Well, in the process of chasing money, skipping sleep and being on their gadgets, what time to do the geeks have to exercise? From zero to nothing I guess. Although this is one mistake majority of other people make too.

  1. Being Overconfident

Most smart people tend to start getting a bit over confident after one or two triumphs. It is just how it works. When you are good at something, it becomes quite easy to overestimate yourself. And this is what happens with most smart people. It doesn’t necessarily mean they become bossy and loud. Overconfidence can be in three forms:

  • Overplacement – an exalted belief that you are better than anyone else
  • Overestimation – believing that you are better then you are
  • Overprecision – too much conviction that you know the truth

This last point is one of the classic problems of smart people.

So you see? Everyone makes mistakes, even the smart ones. The best you can do is to pick up yourself, learn from your mistake and move on as a better person.


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