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5 Signs Of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 Signs Of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

Depression is a mental disorder that has been on the rise in recent times. It is a sensitive subject that has finally begun to garner massive attention around the world. We’ve seen various celebrities open up about their bouts with depression. In the past, this was something that used to be frowned upon. Thankfully, it has become a trend and more people are paying attention to their mental health.

One problem, however, is that depression can be subtle. Although it may be apparent in some people, it may also be masked by certain behaviours and traits

Here are some traits people with depression may exhibit:


People suffering from depression keep to themselves for several reasons. Some do so because they feel overwhelmed socialising. Others may isolate themselves because they feel it is not worth it interacting with anyone. Depressed individuals may also stay indoors for weeks without leaving the house.

Bad Sleeping Patterns 

Depressed individuals may struggle with sleep due to their inability to quiet their unwanted thoughts. Some may sleep for long periods of time and still wake up feeling tired. Others may struggle with sleep anxiety and find that they are restless all through the night.

Poor Hygiene

Depression is an energy drainer. This is why depressed individuals may lack the motivation for simple daily tasks such as showering, brushing, and cleaning up.

Bad Eating Habits

People with depression may find themselves either eating too much or virtually eating nothing at all. They may seek solace in food by munching at anything that appears satisfying. Others may lack the motivation to prepare anything for themselves.

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Depressed individuals may turn to certain detrimental activities as a form of escape. Some of these activities tend to be addicting, causing the depressed individual to fall into a downward spiral. They include drug use, porn, excessive drinking, and overeating amongst others.

Whatever the case may be, depression comes in many forms and can affect one’s quality of life to a considerable extent. It is always vital to reach out to an understanding loved ones or seek professional help when you find that you are experiencing chronic depression.


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