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5 Secrets To Looking Great In a T-Shirt For Men

Dear Men, here are a couple of ways to look great in that T-Shirt

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The T-shirt is one of the easiest fashion pieces and it remains on the fashion scene for a reason. It’s most people’s favorite style piece. It’s simple and like most men, it requires very few decisions when wearing one. It is the default item of apparel for most guys which they buy in bulk, often from the same brand and don’t think about replacing them until they start fading. Let me just tell you that this is not the best course of action and paying careful attention to your t-shirt is just as important as any other part of your wardrobe.

There are some factors that play into this which include fit, colour, fabric, style, and function.

Here’s how to look amazing in your favorite piece of clothing, Mr.

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  1. Get The Right FITThe women folk agree that men are more attractive in a fitted T-shirt and that is because it accentuates the typically masculine broad shoulders and narrow waist. It means that no matter how you’re built, a t-shirt can make you look more masculine. However, you have to make sure it has to fit perfectly and highlight the best attributes of your body without looking like a skin-tight workout top.
  2. Choose The Right COLORYou should own at least a few of the basics which are white, black, grey and navy. Black pairs well with most outfit combinations which is why it is universal. However, the colour tends to fade quickly and it can be a little hot during the day.
  3. Select The Right FABRIC Quality is not related to the weight of your T-shirt. In fact, when it comes to t-shirts, the lighter the material, the more it costs. 100% cotton is the preferable choice, especially Egyptian or Pima cotton. They are made from long staple fibers that last longer, look thinner and feel lighter.
  4. How To Wear Your T-Shirt In STYLE

    The first thing you have to pay attention to is the collar. You need to make sure that your collars match when layering. If you’re wearing a jacket with a collar, your t-shirt needs to feature the same shape. V-necks are perfect for shorter gents because they create an illusion of length and height, elongating the neck. In general, do not tuck your Tees in but if you are wearing it as part of a uniform, then tuck it into your trousers. The tucked-in-t-shirt style works best with a short-sleeve polo shirt and tailored trousers.

  5. What Is The Function Of The T-Shirt?Let me tell you when it is appropriate to wear a Tee. If you’re intending to make a good first impression, on a date or a party, a coloured shirt is a good way to go. Better still, ask yourself what the rest of the people at the event are going to be wearing. If you are going to be surrounded by t-shirts, feel free to dress down, but the least is with a quality shirt.

    Concerts, the local bar,  beaches, casual parties with close friends or any activity that involves a lot of sweating, including sport requires a t-shirt.

Lastly, please ensure you are wearing a t-shirt that is designed as outerwear and not the one designed as an undershirt. That is just so tacky Handsome.


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