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5 Restaurants In Lagos That Appeal To The Gram

There are many cool restaurants in Lagos with amazing spots. Here are 5 of these restaurants you should know.

5 Restaurants In Lagos That Appeal To The Gram

When it comes to visiting restaurants, we look forward to the great food and the customer service being rendered. While these are vital for great customer experience, another important aspect is the beautiful pictures that will accompany the outing.

It can be a big struggle when the environment is not aligning with the objective of taking pictures. Hence, It has become a necessity that the aura of the restaurant should be appealing and one that customers can take pose for good pictures. Bloggers also take advantage of the beautiful ambiance to create contents for their blogs.

The next time you want to have a good time in a restaurant and you are thinking of the pictures for the Gram, these restaurants have stood out with an aura that appeals to the Gram.

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The Tea Room:

A restaurant graced with a florist atmosphere and a touch of pink is definitely a delight on your camera and even more when posted on Instagram. The tea room has become a spot that while we crave for the culinary pleasure, we also think of the pictures that come out the visit.


Danfo Bistro:

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Danfo? The Lagos yellow buses? Exactly. The environment in Dando Bistro has been designed to resemble the regular yellow common in Lagos. The furniture has also been designed with the colors of the Lagos Danfo. Danfo Bistro has become a restaurant that appeals visually to the Gram.


Backyard Bar and Grill:

This restaurant is another one that you cannot help but admire de to its alluring sites. The wooden swing chairs, the bold written Background and the blue wings on the white wall are the favourite spots that every visitor could possibly pose for a picture. So the next time you are visiting Backyard Bar and Grill, find these spots and take your favourite pictures.

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The entrance ushers you to a great view and most often than not, visitors take pictures immediately they get to the venue of R.S.V.P Lagos. The interior of the restaurant also has a great allure particularly in regards to its classy furniture and spacious seats.


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