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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Pest Control Yourself


When you’re facing a pest problem, you may be tempted to handle the issue on your own. However, pest control is more complicated than simply spraying for pests around your home. The only way you can ensure that an infestation is taken care of for good, is to hire the professionals.

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t do your own pest control.

1. You May Underestimate The Problem

Typically, pests stay hidden from human notice. Pests often live in crawl spaces, behind walls, underground, and in attics. Many people see one pest and think that they don’t have a much larger problem. They’ll address the one and move on. However, typically if you see a pest in your home, there are more hiding throughout your home. A pest control professional will inspect your entire house with sensors, infrared detectors, and investigate signs of an infestation. They will determine how large of a pest problem you have in your home.

2. DIY Products Don’t Work

There are plenty of companies that make pest control products that are simply poor quality.  Many of these products may not work at all and if they do, they may only fix the problem temporarily. What may seem like a cost-saving measure to buy the discount insect spray, may cost you thousands in the long term for damages to your home. When it comes to pest control, you should never take shortcuts.

3. You May Choose The Wrong Pesticide

Go to any home store and you will find an entire aisle of different pest control products. These products are not only weaker than professional products, but many are also generalized for all bugs or rodents. Thus, you may end up picking the wrong pesticide to address your specific needs. Furthermore, you may apply the products in the wrong places or at the wrong strengths. Using the wrong pesticide won’t solve the problem. A trained professional knows exactly what pesticides to use to address every pest.


4. You May Apply The Products Incorrectly

In the case that you do find an effective store-bought pest control remedy for the right pests, you may apply it incorrectly. Pesticides can be really dangerous to the health of your family, pets, and yard. So it is important to leave the application of pesticides up to the experts who understand exactly how to apply them safely. The risks are not worth the gains when it comes to spraying for pests yourself.   

5. You May Not Address The Root Causes Of The Infestation

Finally, the root causes of infestation cannot simply be solved by spraying. For example, if you have too much moisture in your home, that can attract termites and silverfish. If you have a small crack or hole as small as a ½ inch around your property, that can help rats and mice enter and exit. Treating the problem is not the same as solving the problem. Pest control experts can identify the underlying issues that caused your pest control problem.


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