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5 Reasons Why You Should Continue Travelling

Every now and then YOU need a reminder of why travel is one of the best things you should continue doing

Solo travelling is one of the best ways to treat yourself, here are a few tips that can help you even as a first timer

Have you gotten to a point when you are starting to wonder, what’s it all about, what am I even doing? Should I keep travelling? Am I running away from adulthood?

There may be times when you start to wonder if you are really happy doing it or if you are just travelling, because well, travelling is what you do and who you are.

Maybe every now and then you need a reminder of why travel is one of the best things to happen to you. I’m here to remind you of the 5 reasons why you should keep travelling.

  1. To LearnIf you have an insatiable desire to learn, then you should keep travelling. You will know a whole lot about stuff you probably never need to know about. If you love learning about history and geography at school, travelling will teach you far more than you ever learnt in the classroom.
  2. To FeelThis does not mean that staying in one place makes you unable to reach the depth of emotions you do when you travel, but it certainly has a way of heightening them. New scenery, people, traditions and culture might do that to you. And that is okay. The need to feel something outside of your normal space.
  3. To Meet PeopleIf you love meeting new people, speaking to them and getting an insight into how things can be so different just because you’re born in a different place or have had a different upbringing then you should not quit travelling. Travelling will allow you to meet people you would never have met before because we’re all where by a stroke of chance to be really honest.
  4. Life is Far Too ShortIt might have been said so often that it is beginning to sound like a cliche but there’s truth in it too. This life is not a dress rehearsal, it is just this one and it’ll be grand to live it to the fullest. You will definitely not be able to see lots of it but you can certainly try to see a lot.
  5. To Experience Other Cultures

    Some stereotypes ascribed to certain cultures are true, and others are not. That’s why they’re called stereotypes, and until you’ve experienced them for yourself, you can’t make up our own mind. Travelling gives you an opportunity to try new foods and cuisines available. It gives you a chance to acquire new tastes and experience other cultures.

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Travelling is much more than taking photos and getting a thousand likes on Instagram. It’s about how it makes you feel as a person and how it stretches into other areas of your life. I hope these tips ”gingered” you to continue experiencing as many parts of the world as you can.


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