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5 Reasons Why Cheating is Wrong

Causing hurt to your partner is a very terrible act that is frowned upon and doing so by cheating on them is even more frowned. You expose them to negative feelings that can be detrimental to their physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are 5 reasons why cheating is wrong:

You Hurt Your Partner

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When you cheat on your significant other or a partner, you lead them on a path of being terribly hurt, both emotionally and mentally. This is not an easy place to be at any point in time. This can cause strain on the persons health and can go a long way to affect their minds, robbing them of any innocence. Depression and sorrow slowly creep into the scene to damage their life, job and social life. Trust, love, respect and dreams are shattered and hate will replace any feeling of love.

Secrets will Eventually Uncover

It is said that there is nothing hidden under the sun, and that is absolutely right. Thinking that hiding any form of affair from your partner is the best route to take, think again. No matter how secretive you think you are in hiding your infidelity and unfaithfulness from your partner, sooner or later they will find out. Advice, if you are thinking of infidelity, you better not see it through.

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Won’t Solve Relationship Issues

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Cheating can and will never be a solution to tackling relationship issues and problems. If you are not getting enough attention from your partner; whether emotionally or sexually, going behind them to satisfy these urges is not the way to handle them. Giving the excuse of not wanting to hurt them will have the opposite effect on them. Instead, talk to your partner about your growing concerns and come up with a lasting solution to these problems rather than betraying their trust and confidence.

What Goes Around Comes Around

What people don’t often realize is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This applies even in relationships. When you plant the seed of unfaithfulness, dishonesty and infidelity, you will harvest the same. Thinking you will get back trust, love and faithfulness is a flawed misconception. Every pain and heartache you sow into your relationship through cheating will be repaid in full. Not necessarily in you next relationship, it can come back through your finances, mental health or even physically. The simple principle here is to simply “do to others, what you want done to you”.

STDs Are Real

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People who are cheaters expose themselves and their partners to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These diseases go a long way to negatively affect the life style of people. When your partner is not aware of an STD infection, it can affect their health and jobs, since they are having unprotected intercourse.


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