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5 Quick-Fire Ways To Get Rid Of That Pot Belly

The Only Proven Ways on How to Lose Belly Fat With Low Carbohydrates Diet

Having a pot belly is not a pretty sight sometimes. I know that there are some people that believe having pot bellies is a sign of good living or it makes them seem more attractive. But really, that is not true. The fact is that having a pot belly could be an indicator of poor eating and drinking habits; it could in fact be a symptom of a potential health issue.

Also, the myth that pot bellies only affect the male folk is not true. Ladies can also have pot bellies too. So how does one get rid of or prevent the development of pot bellies? Here are 5 ways to do .

  1. By Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption

Taking too much alcohol is bad for your health in all aspects, including your belly. It has been proved that alcohol intake could lead to the development of pot belly. So if you are trying to lose that belly fat, then maybe you should stay off the bottle.

  1. Eat More Fibre-Based Foods

Another major cause of pot belly is eating too much. You can control that by consuming more fibre-based food. Foods with high fibre content do not digest very quickly so you feel filled-up for longer periods, thereby reducing your food intake. Fibre foods include beans, corn, oats, vegetables, etc.

  1. Drink More Water

Try to overcome that urge to always drink soft drinks or beer immediately after eating. Rather, drink more water. Sufficient water in the body helps to keep you hydrated and filled. And it doesn’t turn into body fat like the soft drinks and beer would.

  1. Do More Exercise

This should even go without a saying. To properly combat that unwanted belly fat, you’d have to dedicate more time into working out and doing exercises. Sign up to the gym closest to you. Remember that exercise helps keep the mind and body fresh and active.

  1. Mind Your Posture

Your posture is very important when dealing with belly fat. Keeping the right posture, especially when seating (Your back should be straight) is a very effective way of avoiding belly fat.


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