5 Questions To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

“Hello? I’m talking to you!!”

How many times have you had to raise your voice and shout the above statement to someone you are with, just because the person is ‘pressing phone’.

On a closer look at that person’s phone, you would find out that the person isn’t reading an inspiring book; neither is he/she giving life saving instructions. That person would have most likely been carried away on one of the several social media platforms out there.

So here’s the big question. Is social media really addictive?


Full disclosure…Yes it is!

People can actually get addicted to always being online and excessive use of social media. Although it isn’t very rampant yet, it is definitely out there. Some studies have even shown that people who are addicted to social media exhibit the same poor decision  making characteristics as those who are addicted to drugs. Scary isn’t it?

So being addicted to social media is not exactly a good thing. If you aren’t sure whether you are addicted or not, answer these few questions:

  • Do you spend more time on social media than actually relating to people?
  • Do you use social media to forget your personal problems rather than try to face them head on?
  • Do you become restless and uneasy when you can’t access your social media platforms?
  • Have you tried reducing your social media usage but fail?
  • Has social media affected any area of your life negatively?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it is time to reduce that social media usage because you are may be addicted to or on your way to becoming a social media addict.


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