5 Popular Traditional Styles for Men

Fashion Design in Nigerian for male has experienced a few changes throughout the years. Nigerian men presently take pride in wearing traditional clothing types. Consistently, a-list designer are continually bringing out lists of new outfits and styles for men.

Way back, Nigerian customary styles were seen as old fashioned and worn by aged men. The styles were nothing near the tasteful and rich styles we have today. Be that as it may, the normal Nigerian man is finding and building up a more redefined preference for Nigerian style.
A portion of the textures utilized for these local clothing types for men are aso-oke, Ankara, guinea brocade, adire, atiku material and so on. A mix of different clothing texture is used and the structures are genuinely stunning. The style of local clothing you need to wear and the event will decide the kind of texture to purchase.
Another imperative factor in getting the ideal fitting local style is getting a decent tailor or fashioner. In case you have the cash, you popular fashion designers in town like Yomi Casual, Mudi Africa, and so forth. If you are on a budget, this article will show you 5 best traditional wears in vogue so you can show them to your local tailor.

If you are attending any yoruba party or festivities like marriage ceremony, naming services, and so on Agbada is the Yoruba local style to go for. It has been an enduring custom that has been ‘tushed up’ by the most recent best designers in Nigeria. Cloth Textures generally used for agbada styles are aso-ebi materials, for example, ribbon and Ankara.
You can try Ivory or white Agbada with coral dabs and stripes for an exemplary look or Agbada style garments with gold weaving for an important occasion. Another example is all out dark Agbada styles garments to be worn with dark shoes, cap, and adornments.


Ankara local clothing for men is the most prevalent men traditional style. As the name suggests, it is made with the Ankara texture. This sort of texture can be utilized to make a wide scope of styles from simple traditional wears to well weave designs. The basic styles can be worn for easygoing excursions of work. While the intensely weaved styles are generally worn for fancier occasions.
This traditional wear goes well with caps and shades to make an extraordinary look.

Senator wears is stylish traditional clothing for men in Nigeria. It began among the South-Easterners however at this point broadly worn by many. It is made using intense and solid profound shaded suit materials. Senator wears can be worn to practically any event including work. They are basic, exemplary, elegant, truly moderate, and simple to wear.
It is a smart thought to add bright accents to your Senator style wear for example, adding a subtle pocket. Another thought is using the color brown with lacquered loafers; this one is useful for a gathering, work or an easygoing excursion with companions.

The Atiku material texture has a firm surface that is like “dry trim” material, yet it’s somewhat more slender and does not have those extensive transparent openings that you see on some ribbon materials. Most likely, Atiku materials shift in thickness and simplicity dependent on brand and quality.
Although there are a few colors of the material accessible, yet each Atiku material texture comes in a single color. So, the atiku traditional material is not for lovers of multi colored traditional wear.

Kaftan is a variation of the robe or tunic, and has been worn in various societies around the globe for a large number of years. Utilized by many Middle Eastern ethnic gatherings, the kaftan is antiquated Mesopotamian in source. It might be made of wool, silk, or cotton, and might be worn with a scarf.
The kaftan is regularly worn as a coat or as an overdress, normally having long sleeves and coming to the lower legs. In areas with a warm atmosphere, it is worn as a light-weight, loose clothing. The kaftan traditional wear is used by eminent people in Nigeria.
Fresh white kaftan looks very extravagance and stylish while the mix of red and dark is a good alternative. If you are searching for what to wear on a casual occasion, kaftan and jeans is a good combination.



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