5 Nigerian Zoos every animal lover should visit.

Almost every major city in Nigeria has a zoo, At their best, Zoo serves as a shelter to animals in need, inspire appreciation for God beautiful creatures, and bring us closer to mother nature. Often times, I hear people asking if there is still zoos in Nigeria that have living animals and not molded ones. Well, yes, there are still a good number of zoos in Nigeria despite the neglect and lack of funding. If you are an Animal lover like I am, here are the top 5 zoos you should hit up.

1. The Audu Bako Zoo
The zoo is located in Kano and its popularly known as the first ever zoo in Nigeria. The Audu Bako zoo was founded by the military government in the year 1971. Presently, the zoo is under the management of the Kano state Zoological and wildlife management.

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Being the first ever Zoo in Nigeria, the Audu Bako Zoo houses a lot of animals you are unlikely to see in any other zoo in Nigeria.

2. Omu Resort
This is a privately owned zoo that can be found in Lekki. This zoo is a top attraction for many people because of the neatness and quality of the environment. The animals in this zoo always feel at home because it is situated in a rainforest area. Apart from being a zoo, Omu resort boasts a lot of attraction like mini-golf course, Quad biking, wax museum, amusement park and so much more.

Omu resort is actually the first zoo to have a wax museum in Nigeria and they already have plans of incorporating new attractions this year like a water park to attract more visitors.

3. Lekki Conservation Centre

This zoo measures over 8 hectares of land in Lekki and it’s unarguably the biggest zoo in Nigeria. It was established in the year 1990 to serve as an environmental education and biodiversity conversation center.

This zoo as many swamp habitats and a wide variety of animals. Apart from being the biggest zoo in Nigeria, the Lekki conservation center holds the record of having the longest canopy walkway in the whole of Africa.

It has a tree house with different species of beautiful birds and a host of wild animals like Crocodile, Lion, Hyenas etc.

If you want to have a first-hand feeling of mother nature with different animals around you, this zoo is a place you need to visit.

4. Ogba Zoo
The name of this zoo was gotten from its location- Ogba. The zoo is located in a village in Edo state.

The Zoo as a lot of sights to behold and offers you the opportunity to see those animals you watch on Animal Planet and National Geographic channel in real-time.

5. Port-Harcourt Zoo
This is a state-owned zoo located in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. It was founded by Alfred Diete spiff in 1975.

The zoo is very neat and the animals look very healthy. It is the ideal place for animal-lovers to watch their favorite animals, take pictures with them and enjoy a serene atmosphere.


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