5 Nigerian Celebrity Publicity Stunts That Backfired

Celebrities all over the world know the importance of being relevant. In fact, many of them have done some incredible things to remain in the news, and some stupid things too.

It is no longer unheard of to see artistes pull publicity stunts, especially the musicians. A few of these stunts have yielded good results, increasing the demand for the celebrity; while some other stunts have produced the exact opposite results.

A few Nigerian celebrities have also tried to catch on to this trend, staging a few publicity stunts over the years. I have put together 5 ridiculous publicity stunts by our home boys that horribly back fired. Take a look:

  1. KCEE featuring Nicki Minaj Claims

Kcee, still basking in the euphoria of a successful 2013, attended the 2014 edition of the Grammy Awards in January. His then manager, Soso Sobrekon then released a statement, claiming that the Limpopo crooner had paid the sum of $400,000 to Nicki Minaj for a feature. It turned out to be a massive lie as we are still waiting for the song till now.

A few months later, the singer then posted a picture he claimed to have taken with Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo. It turned out to be a product of photoshop. Shocker! L

Then in 2017…wait let’s leave Kcee first. I’d come back to him. Let’s see number 2.

  1. Skibii Manyana’s fake Death

In 2015, singer, Skibii was reported to have died. The news was also posted by his then manager, Soso Sobrekon. Sobrekon claimed that the singer had slumped and died.

However, the story got interesting when Skibii miraculously came back to life a few hours later. It turned out to be a publicity stunt for his upcoming song. The singer got seriously lambasted for that thoughtless stunt and his career took a nosedive too.

  1. Oritsefemi and Manager fight

This particular alleged publicity stunt went on for quite a while. It ll started in 2014 when singer, Oritsefemi had a fall out with his manager, Danku. The pair then went at each other publicly and otherwise. The ‘Double Wahala’ crooner even went as far as arresting Danku in 2016. However, the pair came out a while after the arrest, claiming it was all just a publicity stunt. We hear!

  1. Small Doctor and his p**nis video

‘Mosquito killing’ artist, Small Doctor had his own strange publicity stunt in 2017. The ‘Penalty’ singer got his 15 mins of fame when a video of him fondling himself was ‘leaked’ to the media. He then claimed he was hacked and would take legal action against the culprits. But considering the fact that he dropped a new song almost immediately after the scandal, we are not so sure it was a case of hacking.

Then last year, the singer got publicly arrested, detained and released a day to his concert. The arrest made him trend for almost the full week before his concert. Quite convenient don’t you think/ anyways, although the concert was succeful, Small doctor got a lot of stick from the fans for his actions.

  1. Seyi Law Marriage Story

Comedian Seyi Law pulled a terrible publicity stunt earlier this month when he made a post on social media, insinuating that his marriage had crashed. However, his wife didn’t find it very funny and he had to come out and apologize for it. the fans didn’t like it too as many felt he went too far.

Ehn hen, back to Kcee. The singer was called out in 2017 for stealing someone else’s money pictures and claiming it to be his. Baba had nothing to say in defense, and the fans finished him.



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