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5 Must Haves in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Here are 5 essential clothing for every man.

5 Must Haves in Every Man's Wardrobe

Wondering what the must-haves for is? Well, you have clicked the right link. Any guy, who is above the teenage group should have these 5 essential apparels present in his wardrobe.

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  1. JEANS: We definitely cannot mention must-haves without the king of all clothing. A well fitted, good pair of denim can be paired with almost anything, dinner party, movie, date, clubbing and the list is endless. If you are on a budget, the recommended would be at least one pair in basic black and blue. Jeans are versatile, stylish and long-lasting.
  2. POLO SHIRT: Even though an original polo might be a bit pricey, you can stick to the regular ones for now. Polos can be considered a classic item and make you look prim and proper in a casual setting. Having a variety of different colors also goes a long way.
  3. OXFORD DRESS SHIRT: This is an absolute must-have item without which no wardrobe can be complete. Depending on the scale of the event you can add a sports jacket, a blazer or a suit to complete your ensemble and take it up a notch. Be it dinner with the office people, drinks with the boss, date night with the wife or the girlfriend, you can wear this everywhere.
  4. SUITS: Your wardrobe as a Man is incomplete without a nice, fitted suit. If you are not a suit guy or you are not a fan, then make sure you have at least one. Just make sure it’s not outdated and it follows the trends where suits are concerned. It that can be worn to weddings, funerals or for a job interview. It’s basically your go-to apparel for all things formal.
  5. BASIC WHITE AND BLACK SHIRT: You should have a basic black shirt and a basic white shirt in your wardrobe. They can be worn as they are while being paired with chinos or denim. It can also be used for layering any outfit, or as an undershirt to be worn with sweaters and jackets.  Whatever your style is, these should be a necessity.

And that is that about that. As a man, a stylish one at that, these essentials should not be lacking among your clothing. If you don’t have any of the above, now is a very good time to go shopping.


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