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5 Most Mysterious But Very Real Pictures Ever Taken

Pictures are taken to capture special moments in time. Since the very first picture was taken, we have seen several others taken to capture glorious moments in history or just special family time. However, some pictures have come out with the most mysterious results after being taken in seemingly normal places.

Several of these pictures have been proved to be photo-shopped but a few still exist that remain inexplicable till date. Here is a list of the top 5 most mysterious and unexplained pictures taken that were very real.

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  1. The Amityville House Picture

5 Most Mysterious But Very Real Pictures Ever Taken

No doubt, many people must have heard of the mysterious ghost house in Amityville, USA. The legendary haunted house has been the tale of ghost hunters for years. In fact, a horror film was made in 2005 based on the happenings in this house. However, back in 1976 when the house was being investigated, this picture was taken. It was after the picture was developed that they saw the mysterious figure of a child looking through one of the doorways. It was creepy because both doorways were quite empty when the picture was taken.

  1. Corroboree Rock Picture

5 Most Mysterious But Very Real Pictures Ever Taken

This picture was taken in 1959 by a Rev. R.S Blance at Corroboree rocks, Northern Australia. The picture showed the spooky figure of a person that wasn’t there originally. Several tests were carried out on the picture and it has been determined to be very real. Mysterious but very real.

  1. The Crawling Ghost

In this mysterious picture, a father took a photograph of his playing daughter only for this mysterious ghost-like phantom to be seen crawling across the photo in the washed print. It is still inexplicable till today.

  1. The Devil Nurse/Doctor

This picture was taken by a lobby camera, showing a devilish looking all-black wearing nurse/doctor enter a ward. The real nurses on call had seen no one enter the lobby. The mysterious part is that the recovering patient in that ward suddenly died about 15 minutes after the picture was taken.

  1. The Hanging Visitor

No matter what you may think, this picture was not edited or staged. It was taken sometime in the 1950s when two friends decided to snap pictures with their sons and no one expected what happened next. The picture was washed and it featured a figure hanging upside-down disturbingly from nowhere. How the scary figure got there, no one knows.


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