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5 Most Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

5 most innovative outdoor kitchen ideas

Kitchen has always been the central part of our home, but in recent times, the outdoor kitchen is becoming the next heartthrob of the backyard living space.

And it’s not just for occasional gatherings; many homeowners are preferring to use their patio grilling areas as a fully functioning outdoor kitchen where family and guest can gather.

Outdoor kitchens have a lot of benefits also like it saves your utility bills, provides more space where you can entertain more guests, keeps the house free of smells, saves space in the living room, and it also can be a venue for entertainment.

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Five most innovative outdoor kitchen ideas

1. Bar style kitchen

It creates a perfect atmosphere where family members and guests can all gather and interact during the cooking time. And for the same reason, it is an excellent option for indoor kitchens too.

The open space provides extra space, where you can install a TV and make it the perfect place for weekends.

Give the kitchen a classy look with granite countertops. Use deep countertops for preparation and serving. Formal granite style counters with a bit of stonework give a chic and traditional look to your contemporary kitchen.

Keep a fridge and a mini-bar and make this place a perfect place for relaxation.

2. More than one cooking surface

Since you have access to more space, why restrict yourself to just one cooking surface? Moreover, who doesn’t enjoy company during cooking?

So contemporary outdoor kitchen designs more than often include more than one option of cooking surfaces. And it ranges from anything from gas burners, grills, ceramic smokers, to wood-burning ovens.

Use any of the ovens you wish to without the fear of making the rooms too stuffy or without the chance of increasing your electricity bills.

With outdoor kitchens, you can enjoy a barbecue any day you wish.

3. Island design

One of the most popular and standard models of an outdoor kitchen is island design kitchen. These are very cost effective and perfect for entertainment also.

In island design, your cooking surfaces are fixed at the central area. And one side of the bench-tops is elevated to give a separate feel to the two regions. Your cooking space gets a different feeling from the chatting and gathering area.

To give an elegant look to the entire outdoor space, use kitchen splashbacks, which are now available in different quality and texture. Splashbacks are now available in a wide range of materials, and you can choose the one that best suits your budget and requirement.

4. Patio kitchen and living room

What best place can you choose than the outdoors to beat the summer day and nights? Use a large arch to and give your living room the look and feel of a real outdoor room.

Use couch and tables a bit far from the cooking areas, and make the living room look like a part of the outdoor kitchen. Keep the design and pattern of the furniture the same as the living space’s furniture.

This makes both your outdoor kitchen and your living space look, and the guests can have more space to relax and roam about. In spite of sitting in the kitchen, they will not be disturbed with any smell or smoke. You can also include a fireplace to give a cozier feel to the entire area.

5. Outdoor kitchen for small space

Even if your outdoor area is minimal, you can still enjoy the charm of an outdoor kitchen. Think out of the box and limit the number of appliances, cook-tops, and furniture in the kitchen.

You mini outdoor kitchen can probably have a grill or cooking element, one or two counter and storing space, and perhaps a transparent sink and a bar and beverage service area.

You can also go for island modular kitchens as they are compact, portable and handy. Try not to make the place look too overcrowded and keep it clean.


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