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5 Most Expensive Artifacts in The World

Here are 5 expensive artifacts you sure did not know about

The most unique thing about the human mind is its ability to create. Creativity is one of the best things that can come out of a human. In a world estimated to have about 7.6 billion people, giving birth to new ideas, ideas that create change and solve problems is something that pops up once in a while.

Creativity has made some insanely rich and this top creation of most expensive artifacts is proof of that.

  1. Qianlong Vase.

This vase is an 18th Century Qianlong porcelain piece, found in Pinner. It was inherited by a brother and sister and the buyer was said to have paid £43m, with an additional premium of £8.6m to go to the auctioneer.

artifacts vase

2. Diamond Panther Bracelet

This bracelet cost a whopping 7 million dollar and was designed for The Windsor Duchess as a gift from her husband King Edward VIII. It was designed by Cartier in1952. Cartier is one of the prominent jewelry designers in the world. It is reported that the king was ready to give up his royal title to marry the lady.

artifacts panther

3.  Birds of America Book

James Audubon who was an American artist created the most expensive book ever made in the whole world. As a naturalist and painter, he mixed his love for birds and art to discover some of America’s unknown type of birds. The book was first published as a series in sections between 1827 and 1838 before being sold as a complete book in December 2018 at Sotheby’s for approximately $11.5 million. It definitely has its place in the room of artifacts.

4. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Are you are a fan of the Formula 1 competition? Then you should have an idea of 250 Testa Rossa car built by Ferrari in 1957-196. The TR achieved many racing successes. Though not a racing car, the 250 Testa Rosa was sold for 12 million dollars thereby making it one of the most expensive cars sold in the world.

5. The Dragon Armchair

I know it looks like your average armchair but think again as it was sold for 29 million dollars. It has inscriptions of dragons, the dragon chair was designed by Eileen Gray, and is considered one of the precious classical pieces of the 1910s. It is said that Gray worked on the chair from 1917 t0 1919 coating it with lacquer in her humid bathroom before spending days polishing the armchair. So if you think your carpenter can do the chair, ask him if he has a humid bathroom.

artifacts chair

There are a lot more expensive artifacts in the world. These 5 were meant to spur your imagination on and show you that creativity certainly pays(in millions of dollars)


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