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5 Most Dangerous Jobs in Nigeria

5 Most Dangerous Jobs in Nigeria

The lack of sufficient social and infrastructural amenities in Nigeria today and a very poor GDP Per Ca-pita is a problem. It has made the indigenous people take up jobs and career paths that, would have normally looked alright in developed countries, are dangerous because of the social-economic structure.

Here are 5 most dangerous jobs in Nigeria:


5 Most Dangerous Jobs in Nigeria

It should not come as a surprise that this is on our list. If you really think about it critically, you will understand my perspective. Being an electrician in Nigeria is not an easy task, especially for those who work for the Power Holding Company. They have to carry their own equipment in the sun, going to very hostile places and neighborhoods to handle technical issues that could range from connecting a line to disconnecting them. The people in these regions sometimes attack these men without warning and there has been reports of people getting maimed and killed while carrying out their duties. This hostility is caused because of the failed power companies in supplying power and yet charge exaggerated bills, which have aggravated the people to committing these heinous acts.

Construction Worker

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When you think about construction workers, you mind goes to a set of highly skilled individuals, wearing protective gear and carrying out their activities in an organized manner. Well, in Nigeria, this picture is rarely seen as construction workers hardly wear any of those protective gears, exposing themselves to serious work hazards. Most times, instead of supporting beams, they use bamboo sticks and to top it off, they usually never have any health insurance or cover.

Armed Forces

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Do I need say more? In Nigeria, there are news of terrorist in the north, militants in the south and crime rate increases daily. Being in an armed force (Air Force, Navy and Army) comes with its many risks in Nigeria, you are exposed to death every other day.

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The payroll is terrible and it comes with no health or life insurance. And even if you die as a solider, your family is not properly compensated.

Driving Fuel Tanks

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We’ve heard of fuel tanks exploding on major roads and oil spillage related accidents now and then. Not only is the job of the driver dangerous to himself, he puts the lives of those around him and the vehicle in danger to. All it usually takes is one bad turn to cause a life-threatening situation. Worse still is the fact that the roads they ply most times are badly constructed and filled with pot holes.

Telecommunications Engineers

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Have you ever taken your time to wonder how the really tall telecommunication mast get there, or who puts them there? Well, somebody has to do it right? And when it has a fault, its still someone that will go and fix it. Climbing some masts that are over 50 ft tall is really dangerous and isn’t a job for the faint of heart.


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