5 Mindsets That Works Like Magic Every Year. Number 4 is The Key

Number 4 works like magic


2019! New You: Five Mindsets that Should Last Longer Than a New Years’ Resolution

When it comes to reaching your goals in any aspect of life, actions always speak louder than words. As a new year approaches, people seem to be quick to make all of these resolutions. Unfortunately, many will fail to stick to these resolutions early on, and then decide to just give up. There’s certainly nothing wrong with setting a resolution, but here are five things that you can focus on each and every day. Plus, these habits do not have an expiration date!!

  1. Taking it one day at a time


Taking it one day, one week, one meal, one workout at a time is a great way to set yourself up for success. Recognize that if you have one bad day, or a bad meal or workout, it does not mean the rest of the week is bound to be a failure as well. This type of “all or nothing” thinking can get you into trouble in the long run. If you have a bad day, simply wake up the next morning ready to tackle this next day! Plan ahead to ensure your success but recognize one bad day cannot change hundreds or even thousands of consistent days!

  1. Setting both short term and long term goalsSuccess

Goal setting is key, but sometimes setting a resolution that spans an entire year is daunting to people. You can certainly set a year-long goal or resolution, but you should also set some short term and long term goals in order to keep you disciplined no matter the time of the year, or no matter what year it is. Short term goals could include fitting into a dress for a wedding or an event, or getting in tip-top shape for a vacation, whereas long term goals could be something as broad as achieving your ideal shape or body fat percentage, or as specific as competing in a bodybuilding competition.

  1. Focusing on progress, not perfection


When it comes to embarking on a health and fitness journey, we get so caught up in being perfect we forget that perfection does not exist. Perfection is purely subjective and thus is not something that is achievable when it comes to weight, nutrition, workouts, body fat percentage, jean size, etc. Focusing on your progress you’ve made so far and the progress that’s yet to come is much more conducive to overall success than fixating on the little things that ultimately make little to no difference in the long run.

  1. Consistency and patience

Stick to the plan, trust the process and BE PATIENT! Results don’t come overnight. You are not where you are overnight, so you cannot expect to be successful overnight. Stay as consistent as you possibly can, and results will come. Everybody is so quick to look for the newest way to fix their financial issues or quick fix that they forget that they have the power to completely change their life, shape, and mindset. It just takes time, so be patient and sit back and enjoy the journey.

  1. “Rolling with the punches”


Sometimes things change. Sometimes someone eats your lunch out of the work fridge or the kids decide they want to go out to eat. Sometimes it snows and the gym gets closed and you cant make it for that workout. Sometimes you oversleep and miss a workout, or sometimes you feel sick and cant stomach the thought of missing work for an hour. You know what? THAT’S OK. LIFE HAPPENS! Learning to roll with the punches and adapt your general plan, your diet, your training, work .etc. to coincide with your goals will help you tremendously in the long run. Ran out of chicken? Run to the nearest shop or pantry and grab one of it. No time to workout? Wake up earlier or go to bed later. Gym closed? Go for a run. There is no right or wrong way to do things as long as you DO THEM!


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