5 Kinds of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own

Every Fashionista Should Own These Types of Shoes


Every lady needs to wear classic and lovely shoes that will complement her outfit. Combining your perfect shoes with different ensembles is pertinent for dressing correctly.

Below are 5 kinds of shoes every fashionista own:

  1. Black heels

Not only are they timeless, but black heels are also classy, sleek and sexy. They work with every outfit and occasion. They also add a stylish edge to your clothing styles.

Black heels should be your top choice as they can be fit work-wear dresses, cocktail dresses and even a pair of denim trousers.

  1. Ballet flats

Ballet flats make the feet comfortable and still add a sense of style to your overall look. Ballet flats are the most sought after style because of its comfort and classy look.

  1. White sneakers

White sneakers are a nice pair you can wear all day! They’re easy to wear and are ideal for going for a walk, visiting the mall and even hanging out with friends.

They can easily be worn and pull off at any season of the year. The only drawback to wearing white sneakers is that they get dirty easily.

Ensure you maintain your sneakers through adequate cleaning. That way, you can rock it at any point in time!

  1. Fun, red shoes

Red is a bold and beautiful colour that gives every woman a special and unique appearance. It is a must-have fun pair of shoes to be in your closet.

Fun, red shoes will complement simpler pieces of clothing and neutral colours. They give you a more casual look and improve your overall appearance.

  1. Metallic heels

Having gold, silver and metallics will give you a dazzling look and set your feet apart when you’re in the midst of people.

They  fit perfectly for parties, events, night celebrations, and so on. Wearing metallic heels will surely draw people’s eyes to your feet.

Having this collection of footwear will distinguish you from the crowd and give you a stunning appearance!



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