5 Key Ways to Care for Your Accessories

Your accessories complement your outfit always and make you look glamorous and beautiful. Accessories, ranging from the bags to shoes and pieces of jewelry are indeed adornments and embellishments to your complete look.

How do you take care of your accessories, to keep them safe and to make them last longer? Below are 5 essential ways to take care of your accessories.


  1. Clean

Have you ever noticed a sudden break in a necklace or damage to shoes? That’s because they lack basic care treatments.

To clean your accessories appropriately, you ought to make it a habit. Make sure that you clean your special and best-loved items at least, once a month. Also, clean your shoes, veils, and other accessories that are seasonal in wearing. Note that not every shoe will be cleaned be the same way, and the same goes with the pieces of jewelry and scarves.  Some metals are very original, and hence, not created to last for long. Ensure that you keep in mind, the quality of the accessories that you’re cleaning.


  1. Travel with care

Before embarking on your planned trip, make sure that your accessories are well protected from damage. You wouldn’t want to open your luggage and discover that an expensive bangle has gotten broken or a scarf is stained.

Get a strong and durable jewelry case that can protect your pieces of jewelry from getting damaged and a good suitcase that can help keep your accessories safe.


  1. Store properly

Do not just haul your shoes at the corner of the door or make your chains get tangled. It’s not a good habit to leave your accessories on the table, bed, sink, etc. Know that it is valuable; hence, it requires special care. Make sure that you designate a good place to store each piece of your accessories, regardless of their sizes.


  1. Your accessories should be the last thing you put on and the first thing that you take off

Accessories are very delicate and they have the tendency of easily getting tarnished on exposure. So before you put on your accessories, make sure that you’ve applied your body lotion, hairspray, perfume, make-up, etc. Also, wear your accessories last to avoid them getting tangled with your clothes.


  1. Wear your accessories occasionally

To preserve your accessories for a longer period, match them with your outfits and change them often rather than sticking to a favourite piece of jewelry.

Accessories aren’t made to be worn on a daily basis. So continuous wearing can lead to discolouration. So keep alternating among your accessories when styling instead of sticking to the same accessories.


You ought to stop wasting money on purchasing new sets of accessories every season. Your accessories can be maintained in the right way, that will make them last longer. It is your duty to keep them safe and clean for re-use!



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