5 Gifts To Get Your Dream Girl Fall for You

Being in love is one thing, but to get the girl of your dreams requires work. And work here means gifts. Believe me, lot of Nigerian men do not believe in the power of giving gifts. Well allow me tell you, the right gift could just sway that dream girl to your direction. So what exactly can you give as a gift to the girl of your dreams? Here are my top 5 suggestions.

  • Teddy Bears

First of all – no don’t go down low – teddy bears. Truly, a teddy bear is every girl’s first love and the older they get, the bigger the teddy they get to desire. The madness for teddy bears by most girls is exceptional especially as they have the opportunity to name it whatever name they please, you should hear the teddy bear names I have heard in this life. Try to give spontaneous teddy bears, particularly the bigger, better-quality ones. So every single time she sees the teddy bear – or cuddles with it, she remembers you. Get my drift?

  • Clothes

Everyone knows how much girls love to dress up. It is right up there on their scale of preference. I’m not saying you should just go and start buying clothes for her, rather take her shopping. This is one way you can get her to fall for you. Gift her a nice dress and pair of shoes may be one you notice she always looks at on her Instagram page when you are both together.

  • Accessories

As a guy, just imagine how your life would be without the latest gadgets and bracelets (for the fashion lovers), then you would know how virtually accessories are much of an importance to girls in general. A nice designer watch by Rolex or a Hermes handbag or a Louis Vuitton bracelet would not be too much for the girl you wish to fall for you now.

  • Goodies

Which girl doesn’t love chocolates? Or is it Ice cream? This is a less expensive way to a girl’s heart and most times, make the girl fall for you. Well, packaged chocolates in a goody bag alongside other kinds of stuff such as champagne for the night, muffins and candies make it exclusive.

  • Romantic Date

Every girl, in general, would love this. Due to the fact that it’s not exactly popular in the country, a romantic date in one of the several choice locations in your city will get her swooning in no time. A candlelit romantic dinner in Oriental Hotel, Protea Hotel amongst other wonderful locations could make any girl in fall for you most especially if you were the one who got her dinner gown and shoes as gifts as well.



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