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5 Futuristic Techs to Lookout For

From 5G to 3D Printable Food


Sometimes when we watch a Science Fiction movie, we get the opportunity to see into the minds of its creators and are introduced the various technological advancement that solve from very basic problems like a drone to very complex ones like interstellar travel.

Lately, scientists and engineers have taken it upon themselves to create such technology and make them our reality.

Here are 5 futuristic Tech to lookout for:

Translation Devices in Real-Time

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When you travel to certain regions and locations that have a different lingua, you sometimes wish such barriers could be noon existent. Even though there translation devices, the future of that technology is to be able to speak and get the translation in real-time. This will help bridge the language barriers that occurs while conducting business activities that is too often seen around the world today.


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Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of 4G, the development of 5G devices and wearable will cause a significant positive impact on interaction and communication. 5G promises greater bandwidth and lower latency and energy requirements, thus, driving developments in both augmented and virtual realities, learning applications and creating market for advanced services.

Thought Recognition

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Though, still in its baby stages of development, there are researches being conducted to map out the relationships between thinking about something and the brainwave patterns that thought processes create using very advanced MRI equipment.

Flying Cars

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Although self-driving cars are the hottest things in trend now, they are not the future we want to talk about. Cars capable of flying are the future in the line of automobile technology. It has been rumored that Automobile Company Porsche is currently working on a prototype for flying taxis.

3D Food Printing

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We have seen 3D printed equipment, 3D printed building models and even a 3D printed gun, so is a 3D printed food far-fetched?  German company Biozoon specializes in the creation of different types of 3D printable powder mixtures that become solid when printed, and melt quickly when eaten. Though Biozoon targets the populations who have difficulties in swallowing food, it will be a matter of time before we see 3D printed raw materials in our stores and supermarkets.


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