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5 Fashion Items Women Love on a Man

Here is a summary of 5 essential items that men can wear to impress a woman

Look. Research has been done and the requests of ladies have been put down so that you as a man can read it via this post. I know a few of these you probably already do but I bet there’s a couple that will surprise you. Married men, you are not left out. This is the information to impressing your wife.

The reality is many women have certain fashion tastes for men.

The answer is right below with the following essential items that make men appeal to most women.

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  1. Well Fitted Suits: Ladies love their throwing on a suit every now and then. They like it when you dress with intention and also to impress for special occasions. They appreciate that effort. Whenever you wear a suit it’s got to be exactly the right fit. A guy who doesn’t allow the suit to overpower or make him feel uncomfortable is the one who stands out from the rest. He’s the one seen by women and the rest of society as powerful and successful.
  2. A Nice Watch: Many of us use our phones to tell time, but the more polite way to check the time is simply flicking your wrist, especially in social settings. For this reason, every man needs a good watch.  And the second very obvious reason, women like men who pay attention to details. So if you have a manly timepiece on your wrist, it catches a woman’s eyes. It makes a great conversation starter with a woman you approach.
  3. Fragrances: A nice scent is often for women in choosing a potential partner. Researchers in Europe published a study about men’s and women’s “mate selection” factors. The research shows women rate olfactory (smell) cues as more important than visual cues. So don’t underestimate women’s sense of smell… it’s pretty sensitive. You should consider getting the right product that will give you the best scent. Since everybody’s different – it depends on your body chemistry.
  4. Well Fitted Jeans: Jeans are a piece of timeless clothing. Any guy regardless of age or body type needs a good pair of jeans. Denim jeans have always been a part of pop culture. Jeans that perfectly fit are not so easy to find. There are many brands and cuts and types and you’ll need some trial and error before you end up buying the right pair. Avoid baggy or carpenter jeans altogether to impress the ladies.
  5. Stylish Footwear: They say the eyes are windows to the soul which automatically makes the shoes the windows to your style. You want a good pair to show that you pay attention to the small details in style. Based on your type of shoes, women can interpret a number of things about you. Worn out shoes make it seem like you don’t take care of yourself or do any personal grooming. Stylish one’s however show you’ve got a good taste.


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