5 Exercises Every Woman Should Do During Pregnancy

It would not be a surprise to know that pregnancy varies amongst women. Some usually get so weird looking with inflated nostrils, swollen legs and ankles as well as unnecessarily hairy arms and chest but like I first said, pregnancy varies amongst individuals.

During pregnancy, a woman is obligated to stay fit and healthy as possible if not for her sake but for the baby’s. Many a times, we come across still births as well as kids born with one defect or another but you do not blame these on the offspring rather the mother. We all know daily exercise keeps the doctor away and in relation to pregnant women, helps keep the baby healthy as well- as both mother and child are practically connected and bonded in some sort of way.

In this article, I would be talking about 5 exercises every woman should adhere to during pregnancy

Let us be aware that there are three trimesters in the pregnancy circle which range from;

  • First Trimester: week 1 – week 12
  • Second Trimester: week 13­­– week 24
  • Third Trimester: week 25 – week 36

Exercises could vary as the child grows within and I would make this clear below;


This exercise requires the pregnant woman to lie on a big rubber ball with her back (used for yoga most times) as this helps balance and ease off back pain and stress. This creates an alignment between her back and the baby bump in front. The exercise is suggested mainly for those in the third trimester as they are the ones who suffer more back ache as the baby bump tends to grow bigger.


Cycling generally is a good exercise and many at times helps ease of locked joints (ankles and wrists) but in terms of pregnant women, the indoor cycling is usually advised and this could be done in whatever trimester the woman finds herself without the risk of a fall as compared to cycling in an open space.

Swimming on the other hand gives your baby that feeling of freshness and life. Have you ever thrown a ball in water and watch it float gloriously? Well, that is how the baby feels when the pregnant mother is in for a swim. Trust me when I say I experienced this first hand with my own child and she enjoyed kicking and stretching while her mom stayed in the pool.

  • YOGA

Yoga has different meanings to different individuals but to me, it is a kind of activity that enables the flexibility of the human body. Now, yoga is good for pregnant women as it helps them attain that peace within as well as flexibility which enables easy child birth as at when due. Statistics has it that majority of pregnant women on a scale of 97% who find it very easy and swift during child birth with no complications had been able to train their bodies in accepting its true form. This form of exercise is allowed for all three trimesters of the pregnancy circle and helps keep the body in shape even after child birth but yet again, less than half the population of pregnant women carry this exercise out with the rest of the population wallowing in ignorance.


Once upon a time, planking was the order of the day even for celebrities all over the world but then, this exercise also has a positive effect on a pregnant woman. Planking requires one to suspend in the air although with toes touching the ground and the flesh part between your wrist and elbow helping with your balance. This form of exercise not only helps the baby have the necessary space at the time to stretch and possibly change his or her position within the womb but also helps the pregnant mother have a firm breast without sags. This may sound funny but it is true and when next you or your wife happens to get pregnant, try out this particular step as it is open to all three trimesters in the pregnancy circle.


Step in, step out simply means being on the move most of the time. Many pregnant women do not know the benefit of exercises and just claim to eat for two always and sit their lazy selves doing nothing useful at home. As a pregnant woman, steady strolls as well as hikes would not be a bad idea but that does not mean when you feel faint you should not take a sit and probably have something to eat or energize yourself. This form of exercise goes a long way in helping keep your body form even after birth as well as strengthen you as the pregnant one. I remember occasionally, when my cousin was pregnant for my her child, I stayed with her and we would walk the whole neighborhood and at first she felt I was punishing her and just been cruel but then work came and I had to travel, do you know she kept up with the hikes and even for longer distances without me? Determination was it, determination to keep up her body shape even after birth and I tell you right now it would be hard to tell if she actually is a mother as she got her body form back and even better.

Many a times, pregnant women run to the doctor for complains but then forget they are the cause of their ailments as they refuse to exercise on a daily for both the betterment of themselves as well as the unborn baby. Daily exercises in the morning when you wake and as well as in the evening before you sleep is recommended for you as a pregnant woman. Choose whatever exercise suits your person and be consistent.



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